14 Jan 2020

Crew connections at ENTECH

TechSisters, CrewCare, Support Act all on the road in March

The Tech Sisters have joined ENTECH and will take space at every city alongside CrewCare and Support Act to help build better workplaces and lives for entertainment crew. ‘Well-being’ has become more crucial as tech crew battle erratic casual work, harsh climate, rising living costs and the relentless march of technology.

Fatigue and difficult working conditions have always been the reality for backstage workers in every department, and with women workers still a significant minority, gender bias has been a problem that most are trying to remove.

‘Our vision is to give every woman in the industry around the world the opportunity to feel encouraged, empowered and equipped through support, training, and networking’, the group say. Since being formed off the back of ENTECH 2019 by Jess McCloughan, a Sydney based audio and RF tech, The Tech Sisters has grown to 400+  members, meeting via a Facebook group.

Having impromptu get-togethers around Australia, the Sisters share positive experiences and encouragement, along with challenges and technical issues. The ENTECH stand allows current and new Sisters to connect and share, and also offers employers a short-cut to hiring experienced crew in their city.

Alongside is CrewCare, the new national organisation of experienced men and women in the entertainment industry wanting to improve the care for all workers in the production and allied industries. CrewCare is all about supporting technical and backstage personnel and their loved ones, those who work or have worked in the Australian live music and entertainment scenes.

Support Act are also at ENTECH, and it is an industry based charity that provides human and financial services that positively impact on the health and welfare of people working in the music industry. With financial support from the Founding members, ARIA PPCA and APRA AMCOS, Support Act has literally saved lives and today operates the 24/7 Well-Being Helpline 1-800-959-500.

‘As organisers we’ve seen the pressures on crew first-hand’, says ENTECH manager Kate Mckenzie. ‘We feel it is our duty to support the people in this industry to ensure its survival.’



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