12 Feb 2013

Crew meet Kerser. Gloves off

Gloves off now…… Meet Kerser

This relates to this post, where Jon Fox makes allegations of an assault – (as yet unproven at law) – while he mixed sound for you (proven). And your pathetic (allegedly) crew bashed him. So we, the tech community respectfully advise you to go stick your ‘show’ up your arse,

Your people (not proven) laid hands on our brother.


We are a wide global community.

NSW Police strongly advised CX against identifying you, sunshine. But your posse of losers/troupe keep trolling this Blog, and frankly I am fed up with reading their rubbish every hour. An example, just now….

“Just keep wastin your time fellas because nothing is ever gonna happen to the rapper! This sound guy has built up such a story because he got the sack for goin off at them callin em every name under the sun and now wants revenge by bringing his carrer down but it aint gonna happen!!.. all you people are just gonna look so stupid in the end lol”


Mate, forget it. We won’t take this rubbish. I administer every word here, and I take complete responsibility for what is published. So I challenge you now, here. Put a proper statement of regret online, reel in the posse of tossers, and get on with what is now left of your short tragic career.

We hope you enjoy your next few gigs, because we, the production professionals who endure the likes of you, will subvert you, and you will fail you in your current vocation. Whatever form it happens to occupy.

CX isn’t going to protect your civil rights for one minute more. On your own, boy.

Even if OUR comrade Jon fails in his earnest prosecution of you, we – the technical community – are forewarned and forearmed. You want us to deliver your act, we decline. You want us to be there and support your creativity? We may be, but passively, because we have to EARN our living (unlike you, creature of misogyny and violence and face it – person without enough talent to HOLD PITCH and SING) we will sabotage your attempts to perform!

Kerser, you’ve earned the enmity of us professional technical crew around the world.

Have your lawyer try to shut us down now. Spend the money, kiddo….. So we can broadcast more here.
– Julius, CX Network



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