15 Aug 2018

CX August relaunch

August delivered a thicker, more lush CX Magazine in print. Looking back, the entertainment technology industry was branded as ‘entech’ by us in 1993, when pro audio, lighting, and (then) staging were emerging from an analogue era and getting savvy. Now we have video all over us.

Fast forward to 2018 and this month CX has morphed again into a new, heavier, more lush print magazine led by new Editor-In-Chief Jason Allen and his new design team at mark wood design. The team are centred in Victoria as a neat foil since the previous team were centred on Sydney and the design happened in the wonderful capital of Ecuador, Quito.

It’s a long way from Quito to Melbourne – publisher Julius Grafton explains: “We had a very interesting era with Apple shouting out a magazine app. They – and Adobe – gamed us for amazing money to host our freaking content – words, stories, and photos we’d paid to create and then they gouged us bad to show our layouts on the new (then) iPad and mobiles”.

“Well now here we are – thank you Apple, and Adobe. Our print magazine which is lovingly made in Melbourne, as keeps with our new ‘share it around’ philosophy, is now also available free on a digital reader on – just register some details and we will protect your data and give you for free what our loyal readers subscribe to.”

Of course you can get print mailed to you – like a whole lot of people do – just subscribe here:


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