27 Feb 2015


ENTECH has been cancelled by ETF and the name and visitor database sold back to ENTECH founder, Julius Grafton.

The CX Summer Roadshow is now renamed ‘CX Presents ENTECH Roadshow’, and will run to the standard February timetable. The Roadshow will grow slightly but the format will remain the same.

CX Network does not intend to run ENTECH as a multi-day, single city trade show. The show should now be removed from event calendars.

CX Network have also launched a new Roadshow aimed at the Information and Communications Technology market. ICTech Roadshow will feature networking and integration technologies such as audio visual, control, presentation and collaboration systems for corporate installation, education, institutions and public spaces. ICTech director is Jason Allen, who joins the event as an equity partner. It will run in October 2016, making three Roadshows from CX network:

• ENTech in February (fifth time for CX)
• SecTech (Security Technology) in May (2nd time)
• ICTech in October 2016 (new)

Other tech industry Roadshows are anticipated, as the format offers superior return on investment for exhibitors. CX Roadshow is very popular with visitors who appreciate the ease of navigation and the single day footprint in each major city.






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