21 Nov 2018

d&b Soundscape installed in Australia, in stock to buy, as NAS delivers training

by Jason Allen

NAS Solutions have hosted two days of d&b Soundscape training at their Melbourne headquarters, with a who’s who of consultants, integrators, and influential sound designers sitting in-depth design and specification training on Tuesday 20 November. Wednesday 21 November saw a more informal demonstration, which CX attended.

Thomas Kelly

Thomas Kelly

NAS’s Thomas Kelly presented an expanded version of the demo that ran in August at Integrate, including a new application video featuring Australia’s own orchestral mix wizard Tony David Cray, who pointed out that “The Stereo bus as a medium is flawed,” an observation that is more than borne out by the clearly superior results delivered by Soundscape. NAS’s Max Hedrich and Brad Kivela were on the desk, DAW, and Soundscape interface, with Max tracking Thomas’s position in the room to the system via an OSC app on his phone.

This is the first occasion globally that CX knows of that an independent distributor has run training and demonstrated d&b Soundscape without a d&b employee involved, which is a huge vote of confidence in NAS. “d&b audiotechnik are highly supportive of us rolling this technology out locally,” said NAS’s Managing Director Shane Bailey. “We are really excited to be supporting this system in our territory.”

Max Hedrich and Brad Kivela

Max Hedrich and Brad Kivela

The first d&b Soundscape system in Australia is already operational, with the Sydney Opera House’s Joan Sutherland Theatre graced with a 231 loudspeaker solution, including the five main hangs of d&b T-Series. The heart of Soundscape, the DS100 processor, is also now available for purchase, with stock ready to go at NAS.



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