22 May 2020

Delegate Solution

Mandurah City Council Chambers, WA

WA’s Pro AV Solutions recently completed a council chamber install designed around Televic’s Plixus family of conferencing solutions, which includes twenty of the first automatically managed Televic Plixus E-Ink Nameplates in Australia.

“We specialise in and have been integrating AV solutions in council chambers around the country for some time now” explains Steve Travia, Managing Director of Pro AV Solutions WA.

“We’ve completed projects for well over 20 councils, and have been refining our design and our process, making it easier and easier for both ourselves and the end-users.


“The Mandurah City Council job has been in two parts; the initial upgrade of the council chamber was based on a tender to supply an easy-to-use delegate solution.

“We installed a wireless Televic Plixus system, new audio and control. Two years on, the council has decided to move to a new chamber with a new fit-out.

“We’ve moved the Televic system, added the E-Ink Nameplates, and made some upgrades and improvements.”

The Mandurah City Council Chambers system now features a Televic Plixus system with E-Ink Nameplates at each seated position.

The Plixus CoCon Software is integrated with the AMX room control system which is operated from a 10” touch panel located at the moderator’s seated position.

From the touch panel interface, the moderator selects from a list of preconfigured meeting profiles, such as Executive Committee, Annual Finance Meeting, or Council Meeting. Each meeting profile is customised with seating arrangements, names and titles of attendees, and mic activation limits.

As the meeting starts, the electronic nameplates update automatically with the names and details of each attendee and illuminate as the meeting progresses to indicate which microphones are activated.

Plixus Nameplate

The AMX control system integrates directly with the Televic Plixus engine, which allows control and feedback to a GUI on the touch panel.

The custom designed user interface enables users to start or pause the meeting, view or update seating arrangements, start a vote count, and control other functions such as presentation sources and audio levels.

It’s all been a Pro AV Solutions in-house design and construct.

The final fit-out uses one Televik Confidea CV G3 Wireless Chairman unit, twelve Confidea DV G3 Wireless Delegate Units, and fourteen Confidea DD G3 Wireless Delegate Units.

27 Televik Confidea D-MIC 50 SL GSM gooseneck microphones capture audio, processed through a Q-SYS QA CORE 110f and amplified via a Crestron amp into Crestron ceiling speakers.

An AMX NetLinx controller interfaces with the AMX 10.1” Modero S Series Touch Panel, and a Kramer VS-84UT all-in-one presentation system handles video switching.

“Usually it’s the minute-taker or the governance officer that operate the meetings,” explains Steve.

“They’ve got a lot to do during the meetings, so the less they have to touch the system, the better. ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ voting is a single button press on the touch screen, and it’s all automatic.

“Once they stop the vote, they click an add-in in a Word document, it pulls the voting results in, and projects the results onto their screen.”

The council also wanted to be able to move councillors seating positions on-the-fly, so the system has been set-up so the E-Ink Nameplates can be re-named from the AMX touch screen.

“It’s just really simple and user friendly for them,” reports Steve.

“They don’t have to use back-end software at all, and have had no problems at all with anyone understanding or operating the system.”

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