6 Aug 2013

ENTECH 2013 a resounding success for Show Technology

As the leading entertainment lighting distributor in Australia, Show Technology was expected to produce something special for ENTECH 2013 and they did not disappoint! Not only was there a myriad of new product to tinkle with, there were plenty of experts on hand and a stunning light show to dazzle even the most road-weary attendees.

Central to the impressive stand was a giant clock that counted down the minutes and seconds to an hourly light show that proved to be a big hit and saw people flock to the stand on the hour.

“We decided on a ‘back to the future’ approach with a pre-programmed show as great shows always captivate an audience,” remarked Emmanuel Ziino, Managing Director of Show Technology. “It was great to see people stop on the hour and enjoy the lights in action. These days people come to trade shows to socialise and be entertained not just to discover new products”


To view the video of the show on our Youtube channel click on the link

New products abounded with Martin Professional presenting the M6  state-of-the-art lighting console designed to control everything from conventional and moving lights to the most advanced media server.

“It was great to see the M6 again,” said lighting designer Paul Collison. “I had a good look at it at Pro Light & Sound earlier in the year and the software has come a long way since then. It’s definitely capitalised on the development from the MAXYZ to the M1 and now the M6. I love the feel of the surface and its ergonomic layout. I’m looking forward to taking it out for a road test.”


Martin’s Viper Family was proudly on display with the Viper Wash, Viper Air FX, Viper Performance and Viper Quadray impressing visitors.

“It’s always great to see a full complement of Show Technology staff  and to catch up with Paul Collison to chat programming,” said lighting designer Scott Allan. “The standouts for me were the linear CTO control and zoom range of the Viper Wash for theatre use as well as the PixPad units for broad effects and the pixel control of the Clay Paky K20 units. ”

Mish Bosnjak of Nitezone agreed: “Vipers, K20’s and PixPads, what can I say – wow, what a winning combination.”

The Martin RUSH™ line of affordable effect lights drew a lot of attention and Jeremy Koch, Managing Director of Innovative Production Services, is seriously considering putting some into his venues as a permanent installation as well as using them on corporate events that need a cost effective solution.

“The RUSH range may be relatively cheap money-wise but as the products are representing the Martin brand, I knew they wouldn’t be cheap when it came to features and build but something with credibility that would appeal to us,” said Jeremy. “I was particularly impressed with the washlight being RGB white and having a quad style output.”


The new JEM Ready 365 revolutionary C02 hazer that produces outstanding fine-particulate atmospheric effects for larger venues was a little winner at the show.

“I didn’t think the one product to really catch my eye at the show would be a hazer!” remarked Clint Dulieu, Lighting Supervisor for Village Roadshow Theme Parks . “The new JEM hazer looks to be a fantastic unit. There isn’t much choice out there in C02 powered hazers and whilst they produce the nicest haze this comes at a high price. The JEM unit looks to deliver great output, small particle size and long hang time with minimal fluid consumption. What sets the JEM Ready 365 apart though is the fact the fluid is ‘water based’ which is a must have requirement in many venues. I can’t wait to trial one on our projects.”

From Clay Paky, the much heralded Sharpy Wash made its Australian debut as did new additions to the Clay Paky ALEDA series with particular interest in the K20 featuring inbuilt pixel control.

“The Clay Paky Sharpy wash is possibly the best new lighting fixture since, well… the Sharpy!” said Richard Neville of Mandylights. “The colour speeds on the CMY system are unbelievable and the zoom range still allows for beam effects as well as some great wash looks.”

The Show Pro new range of LED PARs, Bars and the amazing PixPads were quiet achievers amongst the big boys.

“Amongst the many flashing, strobing, pulsing things that barked volumes of light at you from every direction, something subtle and pleasing caught my eye,” commented Ziggy Ziegler, lighting designer. “Panels of lights looking like very neat versions of a multiple molefay bank. Kind of like a soft LED version of a Jarag. They were called PixPads. Very neatly made with some nice engineering to join them into groups, columns or walls of light. I saw warm and cool whites as well as various saturated and pastel colours. And all without the harsh piercing in your face glare most LED units have. I see plenty of uses for these in pixel mapped mode and stand alone lighting fixtures. I look forward to adding them into designs soon.”

Jim Aseromourgos from Downs Sound Systems was especially enamoured by the Terbly range of LED moving lights.

“Show Technology had a very interesting presentation on the hour, every hour that presented the Terbly range of product well,” he said. “I found the Terbly range to be most impressive especially when you look at the costing and I really liked the QUAD 7 and 12 LED wash lights.”

A comprehensive display of MA Lighting consoles were on hand with a grandMA2 running the hourly show aided by two MA2 NPUs. OnPC command wings and Fader Wings were present for users to familiarise themselves with.

Coolux ran the media and show as well as Media Manager and Media Play workstations as well as an Airscan Display, which proved a hit with many people.

International guests on hand included Alberico D’Amato and Giovanni Zucchinalli from Clay Paky, Søren Storm from Martin, Clive Bailey from JEM and Jens Poehlker from MA Lighting.

This year Show Technology shared a cafe space with TAG where free barista-made coffee and naughty little baklavas kept people pumped with caffeine and sugar! The space proved to be a great place to do some business and simply relax.

Show Technology would like to thank Paul Collison for designing and programming the light show, Chameleon Touring Systems, Australia’s leading lighting production company, and the newly formed Lots of Watts Australia for production and support, Resolution X for project management and special crew as well as Innovative Production Services for providing the seamless PLASMA displays.

Doug Brimblecombe, Lighting Manager at QPAC, sums up the show from the perspective of many attendees: “I had one day at ENTECH 2013 and only had half hour breaks between the seminars that I attended. Everyone was raving about the new kit on the Show Technology stand so I had to check it out. It was a very quick visit but boy, Vince and the team had programmed a very cool show and the new kit was worth the rave!”

A full gallery from the show can be viewed at Show Technology’s facebook page


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