16 Jan 2017

Entertainment from QSC

The new Entertainment Series or E Series from QSC is a range of passive loudspeakers, designed for sound reinforcement in live performance, DJ and dance music, stage monitoring and production. With high-capacity continuous power ratings, E Series is ideally matched with QSC’s latest generation PLD and GXD amplifiers.

The range consists of four models incorporating QSC’s DMT™ (Directivity Matched Transition) to deliver uniform frequency response across the entire angle of dispersion. All three two-way speakers are trapezoidal shape with foldback wedge angles. The E10 features a 10” woofer with 2.5” voice-coil, E12 a 12” driver with 3” voice coil, providing enough volume for low-frequency extension down to 60 Hz, and the E15 a 15” woofer with 3” voice coil. E10 and E12 are fitted with a 1.75” voice coil HF compression driver and the E15 a huge 2.8” voice coil unit.

E18SW is a high-performance subwoofer with a single, high-powered, 18” woofer, providing crushing low-end for live performance with kick-drum and bass or for high-level, high-energy dance music. A threaded, M20 pole socket provides a solid base for sub/satellite use with any of the E Series two-way models. For portable applications E18SW includes attachment points for optional casters.

All four models are constructed of rugged plywood and coated in black, textured paint. Heavy-duty grilles lined with foam provide plenty of protection for the woofers. The two-way models are all equipped with a metal, dual-angle, 35mm socket that allows the speaker to be pole mounted vertically or angled down by 10° to improve audience coverage. For installation flexible mounting options are available using E Series Yoke or M8 eyebolts. Input connections include dual NL4 as well as screw terminal receptacles.

Advanced E Series DSP settings are available for PLD or GXD amplifiers as part of a complete QSC speaker, amplifier, and mixer line up.

E10, E12, E15 and E18SW will retail in Australia for $999, $1,199, $1,499 and $1,899 respectively. QSC is distributed in Australia by Technical Audio Group, 43-53 Bridge Road, STANMORE NSW 2048. Phone (02) 9519 0900. Email:


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