18 Apr 2018

ETC: Our Fixtures Are Built to Last

L70 is a common rating system used throughout the LED fixture industry. There is, however, some confusion as to what the rating does and does not define. We’d like to clear up the misconceptions and explain how ETC is using L70 to test their LED fixtures to their limits.

The following video includes interviews with industry consultant Mike Wood, ETC Fixtures Technical Product Manager, David Cahalane, and Fixtures Marketing Product Manager, Jim Uphoff, discussing the assumptions and realities around LED ratings and fixture testing standards.

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The good news is, ETC hasn’t changed how they manufacture their LED fixtures. As they continue to get official test results back from their third-party lab for more of their fixtures, we’re proud to say that the numbers continue to exceed even their original expectations.

Proof that ETC’s fixtures are, and always have been, manufactured to the highest quality.

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Extending the ratings

Several of ETC’s fixtures are reaching higher L70 ratings than we originally anticipated…

ColorSource Spot – before LM84 testing 20,000 hours, after LM84 testing  54,000 hours
Source Four LED Lustr+ – before LM84 testing 20,000 hours, after LM84 testing  54,000 hours

We will continue to update you as we get final L70 results back on additional fixtures.

Increased warranties

ETC has always put product quality first and the recent L70 ratings reaffirm that commitment. Their fixtures are built to last. To solidify this dedication to quality we’ve decided to pass the peace of mind along to you.

This warranty applies to the following LED products sold after January 1st, 2018

All full LED fixtures now hold a:

• 5 year full fixture warranty
• 10 year LED array warranty

With an unmatched technical support team at Jands and around the world, we’re proud to stand by a decade of coverage and a lifetime of support.


About Jands
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About ETC
ETC is a global leader in the manufacture of lighting and rigging technology for entertainment and architectural applications. Since its beginning, ETC has earned an industry reputation for unmatched technical and customer service. In addition to its own renowned service department offering 24-hour phone support, ETC has almost 300 authorized service centres throughout the world, staffed by hundreds of certified technicians. ETC products are found in small and large venues worldwide, such as theatres, restaurants, schools, performing arts centres, television studios, houses of worship, casinos, museums, theme parks and opera houses.



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