9 Jun 2012

Fat Harry – hopes of quiet funeral dashed

Fat Harrys Productions is in liquidation. The Melbourne based firm somehow managed to owe almost everyone in the lighting and concert production industry, plus the Victorian and Federal Government more than half a million dollars, but surprisingly lists only three debtors. And these are the notorious Playground Touring – itself somehow associated with notorious Playground Weekender – known around the traps as Playground Cashender – and Andrew McManus Presents (itself in liquidation). The third debtor is the family trust of the proprietor.

The assets amount to exactly zero – there is absolutely nothing there.

CX will reveal in as much detail as possible the back story to this as soon as legally possible.

In the meantime, ponder how a firm can change its name (Fat Harrys is a new name for a long established company), somehow remove all its assets and debtors, but leave the creditors – a stellar list of almost EVERYONE we can think of) facing no return whatsoever.

They took the long established company name, and applied it to another legal entity that presumably somehow acquired enough equipment from somewhere to continue to trade.

The firm is going shows today, tomorrow, and presumably next month – as an ongoing entity. Which has left behind a long list of very angry industry suppliers.

Do you know more?

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