25 Jul 2023

FORTRESS SYDNEY LEVELS UP with the Might of NEXO and Quest

With over 50 years of dedicated experience in the audio-visual landscape, The Avit Group deploys industry-leading technology in the design of comprehensive systems for hospitality and entertainment venues nationwide. The company’s reputation for compelling solutions is due, in part, to their affinity for well-crafted hardware.

Tasked with the installation of a premiere audio system for the exhilarative Fortress Sydney, The Avit Group chose state-of-the-art offerings from French loudspeaker brand NEXO and a selection of systems from Australia’s very own Quest Engineering.

Located in Chippendale’s Central Park Mall, Fortress Sydney is a ground-breaking gamer’s haven. The expansive new site now holds the title of largest eSports complex in the Southern Hemisphere, drawing crowds like a modern entertainment mecca. Housing a slew of colourful arcades, streaming booths, a themed tavern, sci-fi-inspired bar, PC LAN lounge and a colossal custom-designed eSports arena, Fortress Sydney has been designed from the ground up as the unparalleled capital of the city’s gaming community.

Sponsored by high-end PC gaming titan Alienware, Fortress is by nature, a hub for the tech-savvy. Packed with myriad elite gaming PCs, peripherals and addressable lighting, the word ‘performance’ was on the lips of every supplier involved in the project. Faced with providing a loudspeaker solution befitting its technological pedigree, The Avit Group selected NEXO’s P15 point source system for the Alienware Arena.

The Avit Group’s Operations Manager, Adrian Davis, outlines Avit’s role in realising the venue’s grand vision:

“For the Fortress eSports project, we were given the brief to create a dynamic, immersive, and technologically advanced AV system, which sits somewhere between an entertainment venue and a broadcast studio. The vision was to set a new benchmark for eSports venues, not only in Australia but across the globe. It was essential to provide seamless and high-quality audio experiences that would engage audiences, whether they were on-site or connecting digitally. Our goal was to ensure that the AV infrastructure was flexible and robust enough to accommodate a variety of events and broadcasts without compromising on quality or user experience.”

After careful review of a variety of speaker options for the Arena, NEXO’s P+ system was deployed in a L+R hang configuration, made up of a P15 loudspeaker and L18 sub on each side. Dotted throughout the rest of the entertainment complex, 60 Quest MX601 speakers partnered with nine Quest MXS10S subs provide coverage for the enormous collection of spaces. Describing the choice to combine NEXO and Quest for “both brands’ unparalleled performance and adaptability,” Adrian reveals that, “NEXO’s reputation for delivering pristine sound quality, combined with the versatility of their P+ series, made it a clear choice.” Adrian goes on to explain that, “Quest speakers, on the other hand, offer surprisingly exceptional sound reproduction and coverage, at a lower budget, making them a perfect fit for this diverse and dynamic venue as both brands complement each other so well.”

Proving NEXO a worthy contender for the Alienware Arena, where gaming tournaments are rendered into a thrilling spectator sport, Adrian champions the capabilities of the P+ Series:

“The obvious standout features of the NEXO P15 speakers and L18 subs are their impeccable sound quality, high output, and compact design. The P15’s asymmetric dispersion pattern provides excellent coverage to everyone in the arena, while the L18 subwoofers deliver powerful and accurate low frequencies, crucial for an immersive gaming and entertainment experience. The quality and SPL level of these speakers was very surprising. We were first presented this option on paper from the team at Group Technologies and it was only when auditioning that we realised that the unbelievable specs were no lie – they exceeded everyone’s expectations at The Avit Group, especially our audio nerds. Both the speaker and subwoofer components are robust and reliable, ensuring that Fortress can operate smoothly during high-stakes eSports events.”

Designed around affordability without compromising on sonic performance, Quest’s high-fidelity monitors and compact subs were equally impressive, as Adrian explains: “The Quest MX601 speakers and MXS10S subs were also surprises in their own right, and are integral to the AV setup at Fortress. The MX601 speakers deliver flat, clear, musical and detailed sound across a wide frequency range, ensuring that every detail is heard, no matter where you are in the venue. The MXS10S subs complement these speakers by providing a deep, punchy bass response. Their compact design allows for flexibility in placement and ensures that they can handle the demands of a bustling eSports venue. When commissioning the system, I was blown away at how little processing was required to make the Quest speakers shine.”

With an extensive history utilising NEXO and a newfound fondness for Quest, The Avit Group’s Managing Director, Brad Magri summarises:

“The reason we went with NEXO is that we have always been so pleased using the brand for years. I have a bit of a passion for the product range thanks to the quality of output, and high-end sound and aesthetic, in such small-form cabinets. Plus, we really loved the recommendation of Quest from Group Technologies, the relationship we have has always led us to the best quality solutions, and we now have an abundance of Quest speakers and subs energising the whole Fortress venue.”

Leading the charge with a meticulous level of premium-tier technology throughout, Fortress Sydney’s uniquely eSports-driven capabilities have placed it firmly on the map for gamers across the country and beyond.


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