2 Feb 2015

Free Seminar at CX: Marketing on a shoestring

ACETA announces ACETA Forum workshops at CX Roadshow
Marketing on a shoestring

The topic is marketing on a shoestring and the presentation is prepared by Frank Andrewartha of Quest Engineering and presented by various ACETA Board members in different cities. It runs for around 40 minutes, and starts at 1.30pm.

Frank is well known in the industry and well credentialled in marketing with no budget. He is the export manager of Quest Engineering, one of the people who started Group Technologies and has had a length career in the audio production industry.  This will be an interactive discussion based around there being more low-cost marketing resources around you than you realise.  Topics will also include:

  • How to make advertising more effective
  • How to build and leverage networks for marketing and sales results
  • The importance of cultivating opinion leaders
  • The role of social media in industry marketing and network creation

There will also be time for questions.  The session is free and open to all (members and non members alike), but you must REGISTER through the CX Roadshow website here.  This is part of the program of ACETA Forum sessions which are normally held through webinars.  To date Forum sessions have been held about RCM and the digital switchover for wireless audio.  Coming soon are sessions on HR for small businesses and an update on RCM, including ideas to reduce the costs. There will also be an update on the wireless audio switchover.  These webinars are generally member only. If you have an idea for a Forum please email ACETA.


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