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1 Apr 2020

GLP impression FR10 Bar

The GLP impression FR10 Bar features a row of 10 x 60W RGBW LED sources, all colour matched to the impression X4 and FR series of fixtures. Each individual source has full range colour mixing and a homogenized Fresnel lens. The FR10 Bar also contains a series of built in colour macros and range of colour filters.

Each zoom lens can be controlled individually and independently. The 10:1 ratio zoom range produces output angles from 3.7° to 35°. At the narrowest angles, the batten produces flat sheets of light or arrays of pin point beams of light. At wider angles, the impression FR10 Bar can wash areas and surfaces of stages, walls, cycloramas and more.

With the same physical construction and length as the impression X4 Bar 20, the FR10 Bar fixtures work well together.

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GLP impression FR10 Bar


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