7 Feb 2018

Headed to ENTECH? All you need to know is here!

Everything is free at ENTECH. It’s bigger and better than ever, and it starts Tuesday 20th February in Brisbane. Pre-register at now.

ARE YOU WORKING ON A STAND? Your Primary Contact must send you the Team Manual with details that you need BEFORE the show!

WHO IS EXHIBITING? Almost everyone who is anyone will be there:

Audio Brands Australia
Audio Logistics
Cases Com Au
Clearlight Shows
Danley Sound
Event Communications Australia
HME Services
LSC Lighting Systems
Meyer Sound (U.S.)
Philips Entertainment
Show Safety – AESRG
Show Technology
Sound And Music
The Rigging Shop
TLC Global


If you register BEFORE the day, online at then your name is on the list for free parking. Each city is different:

Brisbane – (Tuesday 20 Feb) – RICC at Bowen Park: park on the oval, they will charge us back.

Melbourne (Thursday 22 Feb) – MCEC Bay 20. Park near Door 10, Normamby Rd entry, see Steve, Alex or Kate at rego for a ticket.

Sydney (Tuesday 27 Feb) – Park free at Randwick Racecourse! Enter from Ascot street, Kensington (if headed from City) or Allison Road (if headed from the beaches).

Adelaide (Thursday 1 March) – Park under the Adelaide Convention Centre, see Steve or Kate at rego for a ticket. If car park full, park ANYWHERE and we will re-imburse you.

Perth (Wed 7 March) – Convention Centre (we are not at Crown!) park ANYWHERE, pay, get a receipt, get a claim get a claim form from the team at our show registration desk, we will repay you there and then or later if you email the form to us.

SHOW HOURS: 11am – 6pm.

PRIZE DRAWS: You must pre-register BEFORE the day to be in the draw. Drawn HOURLY from 1.50pm. * See conditions below.

AUDIO DEMO: 1pm and 3pm. Hosted by Jason Allen.

LIGHTING DEMO: 12 midday and 2pm. Hosted by Darcy Cook.

HAPPY HOUR: 4.30pm until 6pm. (All students under 18 must leave at 4.30pm).

TMB CABLE ROLLING COMPETITION: 5pm. Limber up, you could win some … cables! ^ See below for details.

SLIGHTLY LATER DATES NEXT YEAR: We are now taking space bookings and expect to sell out. The tour starts on March 7 and is wholly within the month of March.

  • * PRIZE CONDITIONS: 1. $18,648 prize pool at each city. 2. 10 prizes to be won in each city. 3. Maximum value prize is $2,750. 4. If your name is called during a prize draw you have 90 seconds to claim a prize. 5. You can choose from any prize not yet claimed on the day. 6. You must remove your prize by 6pm on show day or it will be forfeited. 7. There is no cash equivalent. 8. We cannot ship or store prize. 9. If you register before January 31, 2018 your name will be entered twice. 10. If entered twice, you can potentially win twice if name drawn a second time. 11. Prize draw times are: 1.50PM, 2.50PM, 3.50PM, 4.50PM, 5.50PM. 12. Only people who pre register before the show day are entered.
  • ^ Lexair Entertainment is pleased to announce the 2nd annual TMB Proplex Gland Slam Cable Sports Tournament!A stand out feature of the ENTECH Roadshow, the best of the best will once again come together for this anticipated event! Presented by TMB Proplex Data Cables, technical athletes from around Australia compete in a variety of disciplines based on traditional cable skills to determine the best (and worst) all-round cable technician!Remember your training as performance is judged on speed and neatness, with special skills emphasis on twist method, loop consistency and gaffer tape perfection.Contestants will get the chance to show their superior cable rolling skills using TMB’s rock’n’roll-tough Proplex DMX Data Cable during happy hour every day of the show!First prize in each city is the ProTester, TMB’s compact DMX signal and cable diagnostic tool! This handy little tool tests your DMX cables and displays the presence and polarity of DMX data, in isolation or while in use. Special prizes for runner-up and last place too!Think you’ve got what it takes? Sign up on the day to show your skills and win prizes! Or just come along and enjoy the fun!
  • # PRIZES:
    Audio Brands AustraliaThe Earthworks M30 is a precision engineered 30kHz omnidirectional measurement microphone ideally suited for acoustical measurements including sound system setup and analysis. The M30’s audio performance is unparalleled. It has a flat frequency response that extends from 5Hz to 30kHz, an exceptionally consistent omnidirectional polar response, 138dB SPL rating without distortion and no handling noise. With temperature compensated electronics, the M30 was built to deliver repeatable results no matter what the environment. 15 year warranty.RRP: $1149.00 inc GSTAudio LogisticsAudio Logistics has put together the ultimate cable pack for audio engineers.
    The pack has been put together with the most popular products from the PROCAB Prime Series which have been specifically designed to withstand the harshest use and abuse that any rental or road application can throw at them.
    All cables are constructed from PROCAB’s premium Ultraflex™ and Duraflex™ cable and are fitted with Neutrik connectors and factory-installed shrink sleeves. RRP: $1720BoschEVOLVE 50 delivers an uncompromising combination of light weight, low‑profile looks, and superior Electro‑Voice audio quality, setting a new performance standard for powered column systems. The perfect choice for DJs, mobile entertainers, bands, singer/songwriters, corporate functions and any venue where high‑output portable sound is needed, EVOLVE 50 features:

    Lightweight column speaker array with 2-click cable‑free connection  between sub and column

    Real PA performance via eight 3.5‑inch full‑range drivers, a 12‑inch wood subwoofer and 1000 W Amplifier delivering 127 dB peak SPL

    Custom waveguides for ultra-wide 120° horizontal coverage and array‑formed 40° asymmetrical vertical pattern control

    High‑quality Bluetooth audio streaming.

    Wireless control and monitoring via QuickSmartMobile app to configure and monitor up to six EVOLVE 50 systems simultaneously

    QuickSmartDSP provides best‑in‑class processing via EV’s signature single‑knob user interface with LCD. RRP: $2499 inc GST


    Epson’s powerful new EB-990U projector offers high quality images with a low cost of ownership.

    Enjoy clear and sharp image quality of full high definition contents without any distortion with WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution, which is suitable for presentations, videos and more. With a high brightness of 3,800 lumens and superior 15,000:1 contrast ratio, the EB-990U is the ideal choice for use in a wide variety of Corporate and Education environments. RRP: $1,299


    The High End Systems USB DMX Widget provides a single universe of DMX-512 output from any Hog 4 console or Hog 4 PC. Up to eight USB DMX Widgets may be connected at once to provide eight full universes of DMX-512 to the Hog 4, Full Boar 4 and Hog 4 PC. Up to four DMX Widgets can be connected to the Road Hog 4 or Hedgehog4.
    The world’s first video converters truly designed for the road.  They are often the weakest link in the signal chain. Theatrixx wanted to change that, so they designed the xVision Video Converters with Integrated power supply with locking PowerCON True 1, plug-n-play operation, locking HDMI port and reclocked and amplified SDI loop thru.
    RRP: $2625 inc GST


    The Mantra is simple – making control of dimmers, LEDs and moving lights quick and intuitive. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia, the Mantra Lite has become the fastest selling console in LSC’s history. The latest software update adds great new features including IPCB filtering, Move In Black and a new expanded fixture library. Perfect for schools, churches, town halls and rental departments.

    LSC: Australian Innovation | Global Audience. RRP: $2,750.00 ex GST


    12-Input Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 4 MIDAS PRO Preamps, 8 Line Inputs, Integrated Wifi Module and USB Stereo Recorder.

    The Midas M32 completely redefined what is possible from a digital mixer – and thousands of users are enjoying the results. Now that technology has been incorporated into the small but powerful MR12 rack-mountable mixer, which will forever change the way you record and the way you play live music. RRP: $749.00

    TLC Global

    1. Lite Focus 8 Way DMX Splitter – a 1U 19 Inch Optically Isolated DMX Splitter equipped with 2 x DMX Inputs and 8 x independently configured outputs. The latest splitter features a graphical overview of channel values and refresh rates and can be used as a DMX decelerator, Regenerate/Clean DMX Signals and used to prevent reflection issues also.
    2. Lite Focus single compact universe DMX recorder supporting DMX-512 Protocol in a slim ergonomic design. The LITE FOCUS DMX Recorder allows multiple sequences and scheduling that can be stored and transferred via a SD Card.

    RRP: $1,160 inc GST


    The  Eventec Lighting Package contains 2x LM60S, 2x LM7x12W, and 1x Kontrol 192. Offering 1 DMX controller, 2 LM60S moving light spots, and 2 LM7x12W moving wash lights, these beauties are not only bright, but they are fast and quiet.  The spot has a 60W white LED with a the choice of 5 or 15 DMX control Channels.  It has a 10 degree beam angle, 5 rotating gobos that are interchangeable, a 3 facet prism and 7 colours to choose from.

    The wash consists of 7, 12W RGBW LED’s, uses 16 DMX Channels and has a zoom of 6 to 40 degrees.  Each unit weights only 4kg, has a 20,000 hour LED lifespan and have DMX mode, Auto Program, Sound activation, and master/slave modes.  The wash and spot consume less than 1Kw of power, come with a 1 inch OLED Control Panel, and have a 1-20Hz Strobe.The Kontrol 192 has the ability to control 192 DMX channels and store 240 scenes.  It has dedicated faders for fade time and speed and separate fog and strobe control.  It also has 6 built in chase programs which can be programmed to step though scenes or operate via sound activation with its inbuilt microphone. This is a wonderfully compact controller.

    Product name:  Eventec Lighting Package – 2x LM60S, 2x LM7x12W, 1x Kontrol 192
    RRP: LM60S $590.00 inc. GST x2
    RRP: LM7x12W $590.00 inc. GST x2
    RRP: Kontrol192 $199.00 inc.GST x1
    TOTAL PRIZE RRP is $2,559.00


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