24 Sep 2013

HK Audio’s new E 110 SUB AS Subwoofer

HK Audio has not only unveiled a new subwoofer with the E 110 SUB AS, it has also taken the ELEMENTS series another step up the evolutionary ladder. As far as outward appearances go, the new subwoofer looks to be the well-established and very popular E 110 SUB A unit’s twin. However, a look at the control features on the back reveals that the E 110 SUB AS sports two muscular 600-watt power amps. One of these ELEMENTS unit’s 600-watt amps can drive both its onboard 10” subwoofer and an outboard passive E 110 SUB. The other amp provides plenty of juice to drive up to four E 435 mid/ high units or two E835s. These dual-amp capabilities make it easy to configure larger PAs using remarkably compact and light components.


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