7 Jun 2012

Industry Safety Summit at ENTECH Melbourne July 19th 2pm

Live Performance Australia, CX and ETF, owners of ENTECH have called a National Summit to discuss safety issues relating to theatre and live events.

This essential, bipartisan and free-to-attend meeting will bring together the live performance and events industry stakeholders, including venues, production suppliers, associations and service providers to discuss and ratify an agreeable pathway forwards, on the following issues:

  1.  Industry Induction – towards a national standard (Not the Construction Industry induction!)
  2. Safety Code of Practice – updated and renewed (Find 2001 document HERE)
  3. Core Safety Units in the proposed CUA-13 training package (proposals include linkage to well-being awareness and support, ie: Entertainment Assist)

Any other safety and related topics may be suggested for the program (see below).


The Summit starts at 2pm promptly, Thursday July 19 at ENTECH, at Melbourne Park. There is NO NEED to register. If the room is full we will try to set up an overflow. The Summit should conclude around 4pm.

Carolyn Davis, Manager – Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ACCI has been working with Safe Work Australia on the new Model legislative package that includes Codes and Guidance.  Carolyn will give an overview and indication of what our industry should consider to meet the new regime. This will include an open forum on what industry can collectively do.

David Hamilton, Director of Workplace Relations will represent Live Performance Australia.


LPA, CX and ETF extend an open invitation to all stakeholders and associations to participate in this Summit.

It is hoped all relevant industry bodies will participate, and that a majority of venues and production suppliers will be represented.

ENTECH-CONNECT has exhibits by many leading suppliers of lighting, staging, vision and audio equipment. It also offers a full program of seminars and training events, including sessions hosted by PLASA and by ALIA. ENTECH-CONNECT is a two day industry tradeshow and convention that opens Wednesday 18th July, and concludes on Thursday 19th July. More information about ENTECH CONNECT is HERE.

The Industry Safety Summit is preceded by a CX seminar on outdoor stage structure safety, which commences at 1pm.

Submissions are invited regarding issues, topics and material to be discussed. Please email these to either Julius Grafton ( or David Hamilton ( at Live Performance Australia.

Please submit by JUNE 30.

Why the Summit?

At ENTECH in 1996 a Safety Association (Show Safe) was born. The importance of safety on shows was fragmented – the industry then (and now) was mostly self-regulated.

Show Safe didn’t get traction, but in 2001 the Australian Entertainment Industry Association (now Live Performance Australia) and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (the union) developed SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY – a reference document widely used today across Australia.

Then in 2003 the national training package known as CUE03 for theatre and live events was introduced, which set the direction for accredited training.

In 2012 the CODE needs to be re-written, and in 2013 the next training package, draft name CUA13 will be introduced.


CUA13 content will be finalised shortly after ENTECH. IBSA, the government apppointed body that is assembling the new package, has agreed to incorporate industry endorsed SAFETY UNITS, in place of generic national units that broadly cover other industries. IBSA accept the entertainment, live performance and events industry has unique and important attributes.

ENTECH in Melbourne offers a unique and accessible venue, and this makes the meeting FREE to attend. Be there!


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