1 Jul 2024


Ahh, lost in Las Vegas. CX wraps up our roundup of new gear from the floors of Infocomm ’24.



Q-SYS introduced the QIO-FLEX4A and QIO-LVR4 network I/O expanders, and the PS-TSCG3 Touchscreen Paging Station kit.

As part of the Q-SYS QIO Series, the QIO- FLEX4A features audio and control I/O in a consolidated network peripheral. It offers four Flex audio channels, GPIO and RS232 serial port to integrate control of third-party peripherals, and two amplifier outputs for compact loudspeakers.

Meanwhile, QIO-LVR4 offers four contact closure relays to enable simple control integration of third-party lighting systems, motorized shades, and more.

The PS-TSCG3 Touchscreen Paging Station kit pairs with the TSC-G3 Series touchscreen and the robust Q-SYS Control engine to enable live paging, pre-recorded message playback, and seamless background music (BGM) management. This page station solution is available as either a desktop model (PS- TSCG3-G) with a gooseneck microphone and push-to-talk button, or a wall-mount model (PS-TSCG3-H) with a handheld microphone and push-to-talk button.

Q-SYS Reflect

Q-SYS also announced a significant update to Q-SYS Reflect, it’s cloud monitoring and management software. Q-SYS Reflect Plus expands on the standard features of Q-SYS Reflect by providing optional enterprise-level remote system management and control capabilities. It allows administrators to directly assist users and systems from any web browser, quickly getting systems up and running. In addition, it offers the ability to configure and adjust system settings remotely, deploy firmware updates, manage files and connect Q-SYS system data to your IT management platforms via the Q-SYS Reflect API for a single-pane-of-glass view into your entire infrastructure.

Finally, the pricing structure for Q-SYS Reflect Plus has been reengineered based on the number of Q-SYS systems (rather than connected devices), simplifying the users’ ability to expand the system when necessary.

Australia: TAG or (02) 9519 0900

New Zealand: NSL or (09) 913 6212

Williams AV Digi-Loop 104

Digi-Loop 104

Williams AV expands its assistive listening solutions with the addition of the Digi-Loop 104, an ultra-compact, budget-friendly perimeter loop amplifier for small rooms. This Class D amplifier features high-efficiency technology for lower power consumption and natural cooling, and its user-friendly interface and clear status indicators make it easy for admins to monitor. It also features automatic gain control for superior sound quality and intelligibility. The Digi-Loop 104 is perfect for venues looking to make meeting rooms, waiting rooms, reception areas, and assisted living facilities more inclusive for those with hearing loss and compliant with hearing legislation.

Williams AV Digi-Wave ACM

Digi-Wave ACM

The Digi-Wave ACM (Advanced Comms Module) is designed to meet the evolving needs of professional wireless production intercoms. Unlike many wireless intercoms that rely on a fixed base station, the ACM allows users to designate a centralised unit as a flexible access point, ensuring seamless coverage even when teams are on the move. The full-duplex ACM supports up to four subgroups (or channels) and offers customisable subgroup naming as well as pre-programmed names. Key features include an All Call function for simultaneous communication with subgroups and a Private Call function for direct messaging by a team member to a leader.

Australia: Amber Technology or 1800 251 367  

New Zealand: NSL or 09 913 6212

Meyer Sound ULTRA-X80


The ULTRA-X80 point source loudspeaker is an evolution of the ULTRA family’s innovative concentric-driver design, which couples two 12-inch neodymium-magnet cone drivers to a rotatable 95 x 40 degree waveguide coupled to a 4-inch high-frequency compression driver. This configuration ensures smooth response across the speaker’s range and exceptional directional control. For maximum flexibility in coverage, an ULTRA-X82 variant offers a more tightly focused 50 x 40 degree dispersion pattern. The ULTRA-X82 delivers a total linear peak output of 142dB SPL. ULTRA-X80 and ULTRA-X82 offer analog and MILAN connectivity as standard

Australia and New Zealand:

Milan Manager

Milan Manager

d&b audiotechnik and L-Acoustics announced the launch of Milan Manager, the innovative software platform designed to simplify the configuration, management,

and monitoring of Milan-AVB networks. This neutral and free-to-use solution is immediately available for download. Milan Manager automatically discovers units and allows users to name them, set sample rates, and manage media clocks. Channels can be mapped from talker devices to output streams, connecting them to listener devices.

Available at and

Genelec 3440A


The 3440A subwoofer joins the existing Smart IP range of wall, ceiling, and pendant loudspeaker models to provide a scalable full-range audio solution that combines exceptional sound quality and networked convenience. Measuring just 475mm x 475mm x 220mm (and weighing in

at a modest 14.5kg, the compact design of the 3440A features a 6.5” driver, an efficient 70W internal Class D amplifier stage and dual reflex ports, delivering clean, controlled low-frequency performance between 35 and 120Hz. The 3440A’s proprietary internal power supply technology stores power in order to produce an impressive 106dB of short-term SPL whenever needed.

Australia: Studio Connections or (03) 9088 7676

New Zealand: Protel International or 09 414 0477

RCF CMR-S 60T Ceiling Subwoofer and PMR 60T Pendant Speaker

RCF unveiled the Business Music Series, including the CMR-S 60T ceiling subwoofer and PMR 60T pendant speakers. These components merge elegant aesthetics with powerful audio, ideal for professional settings requiring discreet yet strong sound solutions.

RCF SUB 15-AX and SUB 18-AX Subwoofers

The new SUB 15-AX and SUB 18-AX active subwoofers offer factory-tuned presets for RCF speakers, boasting sound pressure levels of up to 135dB, advanced processing, and Bluetooth remote control. For extreme power in professional applications, the new active SUB 9019-AS and 9029-AS subwoofers are tour-ready and deliver unmatched performance.

RCF S Series Subwoofers

Also making their debut are the S Series Subwoofers. Tailored for fixed installations and perfectly matched to RCF XPS 16K amplifiers, the S 19 and S 29 high-power bass reflex subwoofers deliver powerful performance in a compact design, ensuring deep, ground- shaking bass down to the lowest frequencies.

RCF RDNet 5 Sound System Management and Control Software


The last of the new product announcements is the upgraded RDNet 5 Sound System Management and Control Software, which boosts audio management performance with streamlined workflows, improved device discovery, and sophisticated UI enhancements including advanced EQ visualisation and real-time FFT analysis.

Australia: Group Technologies or 03 9354 9133

New Zealand: Direct Imports or 06 873 0129

Shure WL18Xm


Shure unveiled the updated, newly designed low-profile WL18Xm professional lavalier condenser microphones, including the cardioid WL185m, supercardioid WL184m, and omnidirectional WL183m, for use with wireless bodypack transmitters. The WL18Xm line is 8mm shorter than its predecessor, making it lighter, lower-profile, and easier to use. For flexible placement on speakers, presenters, and performers, each lavalier is available in either black or white with LEMO or TA4F connector options. The microphone’s innovative tie clip can be rotated in 90° intervals for accurate positioning.

Australia: Jands or (02) 9582 0909

New Zealand: NSL or (09) 913 6212


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