6 Sep 2018

Integrate 2018 – Stand by Stand


Integrate 2018 – Stand by Stand Round-Up of Gear on Show

By Jason Allen.

Here’s Part II of our Integrate 2018 coverage. Read Part I here.

PAVT brought their EAW Anya line array, their craft beer bar, and regular enormous presence. Hot items on the stand included the ClearOne Converge Huddle; an all-in-one networked DSP solution for huddle spaces that PAVT can package up with ClearOne mic products like the Ceiling Microphone Array Analog-X. The ClearOne Unite 200 PTZ camera was right next door; a professional-grade PTZ that includes USB, HDMI, and IP connections. Jordan Christoff of Visionary Solutions was on hand to talk through the PacketAV Duet, a networked encoder/decoder that combines video with Dante audio, creating amazing flexibility for distributing both. Just to show off, PAVT had control of the PacketAV Duet running from Symetrix DSP.


Robe RoboSpot was turning heads in what was a paucity of lighting gear at the show. A vast display of almost everything available from L-Acoustics, along with the brand’s own Tim McCall, were there for the audio aficionados. Functional meeting and demo spaces for Shure’s MXA and Biamp’s Tesira rounded out the impressive Jands presence, along with new product offerings from EV and Dynacord to get their installation customers back into the habit of using Jands as a one-stop-shop.

ULA Group
In addition to the previously mentioned VuePix Infiled Air Carbon AC5.3, ULA had their Holo see-through LED panels front-and-centre. The other big news on the stand was ACME’s four-in-one moving head fixture, the XA – 1000 BSWF (Beam, Spot, Wash, Framing). With a 1000W source, CMY, colour wheel, static and rotating gobos, almost every other conceivable feature, plus a three year warranty, this fixture was already creating a buzz in the LD community.

NAS’s aforementioned enormous piece of ICC real estate had you covered for everything that makes a noise. The mighty d&b audiotechnik GSL line array hung proudly at one end of the stand, and a huge range of both install and live sound products ran the entire length, including Midas, Ashly, Chiayo, Listen, interM, and dBTechnologies. Special mention to underrated brand InDesign with a couple of really useful and thoughtful products, including zone mixers, surface mount speakers and the incredibly useful MP30 – a 30 Watt, 100V line mixer amp with built-in FM Tuner, MP3 player and Bluetooth receiver, a real ‘fix all of your problems’ box!

d&b audiotechnik GSL at NAS. Humans for scale

InDesign at NAS – Problem Solvers

Epson were demonstrating their new 12,000 lumen native 4K 3LCD laser projector, the EB-L12000QNL, alongside their big venue projector, the EBL20000UNL, which kicks out an impressive 20,000 lumens.

Big projectors were also the order of the day at Panasonic, with the 4K+ capable PT-RQ22K laser projector using its 20,000 lumens to project onto a huge concave canvas hanging above the stand.

Under the Dome – huge immersive projection three metres across created with a Panasonic PT-RQ22K 21,000 lumen 3 chip DLP with 4K



Sennheiser’s Jason Grbevski explains the updates to TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Sennheiser have updated their Team Connect Ceiling microphone array, with improvements to its algorithms and EQ, and the addition of PoE and a redundant Dante port. It can now also send location information over its data connection to other devices. Control Cockpit software has also been updated, adding support for the new evolution G4 wireless series and the flagship D6000.

Allen & Heath’s new SQ-7 was at its first Australian show, and sat in a clever display demonstrating that the entire A&H family of desks and stageboxes can be integrated via a combination of their gigaACE and SLink connections. dLive’s three IP controllers illustrated how the system can be controlled in an installation application, especially by the wall-mounted IP1, with its dual function encoder and LCD screen. The Q-SYS meeting room was never empty, as the DSP and control platform continues its dominance of the market.

avt, now home to Harman installation products, had two major announcements. Firstly, they’ve picked up distribution of Mimo Monitors; tough, commercial-grade touchscreens that can run Windows or Android, and are perfect as interfaces for software-based control systems like avt’s Utelogy. The second was avt’s own OEM product mezzoCast, middleware that sits behind the facial recognition power of the PanaCast camera. This system can recognise faces entering a meeting room, make an ad-hoc booking through back-ends like Office365, and removes the need for anyone to remember to make a booking manually. It also shuts everything off when people leave the room, creating fantastic efficiencies.

Amber Technology
A new brand for Amber – Newline Interactive, who manufacture a range of interactive wall-mounted displays for collaboration. Their Trutouch X9 4K UHD 86-inch comes with two 1080p wide angle cameras, echo cancellation, microphone, loudspeakers and an on-board computer, which can be loaded with your OS of choice. It’s a one-product collaboration solution that you hang on a wall, and you’re done. Mackie has now made their home at Amber, and the new DL32S and DL16S tablet mixers are awaiting an update that will see control go totally cross-platform, opening up to Android and Windows users.

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Lead image: Epson EBL12000 QNL displaying a Howard Schatz photograph


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