11 Oct 2022

Intellect Projects Group (IPG) install Meyer Sound

by John O’Brien

Norths Leagues Club & Liverpool Catholic Club

PA shootouts – gotta love ‘em. When Norths Leagues Club in Cammeray, Sydney went to upgrade their auditorium, they did the right thing. Consultants, demos and the comparison session. They had spent a long time in planning, and it was time for action. All the vendors tried their big box array systems and were disdainful when Meyer Sound Owen Ironside rolled out the ULTRA-X40, a point source box with two rotatable 8” cone drivers and a 3” compression driver. He turned them on and blew everyone away, thus sealing the job.

Kellyville’s Intellect Projects Group (IPG) won the tender to install the Meyer Sound system into Norths. The stage is curved into the room with everybody surrounding it and two tiers for punters. According to IPG’s Justin Baker, the configuration called for “Three ULTRA-X40s covering the front ring and a further four in the rear delay ring. And two 1100-LFC subs on the floor either side of stage.” The X40s are all flown, with the horns rotated.


Justin and the team used Meyer Sound Galaxy processing to setup and calibrate the system. His process was “Literally, time domain alignment. No EQ at all. We didn’t need to.” Why? Because “they sounded great out of the box. It was actually really quick to tune it.” There is also some Q-SYS handling Dante routing and control for simple functions when Norths’ users don’t need to fire the whole rig up.

Norths Leagues Club

On the back of their success at Norths, IPG pitched and won a Meyer Sound design for Liverpool Catholic Club (LCC), also in North-Western Sydney. They’d already been in there with some Meyer Sound MJF-210 monitors as a demo. In another classic shootout scenario, IPG did an A-B comparison for the venue operators. Justin reckons “they were just blown away by it. They responded: ‘wow, we are going to buy 10 of these things!’”

According to Owen, these dual-10 monitors were designed for Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Justin sees why: “they are amazing monitors. You can sit it there next to a drummer and he can kick away on his kick drum, and it will just keep taking it. If they are good enough for Lars, they good enough for whatever!”


The LCC showpiece is the huge auditorium, catering for up to 700 pax. Owen again helped design a system to suit and, when presented with the quote, “the club didn’t even flinch over it” according to Justin. They responded “Yes, we’re happy with that.” What they got was eight elements of LINA linear line array per side, with two 750-LFC subs each. Justin: “Then we’ve got six UP-4slims for fill front stage, and an Ultra-X40 for centre fill.” This is all Galaxy processed.

When asked if the LCC was the best sound system ever handed over by IPG, he replied, “Yes, I’d have to say it is. For that size system – yes, definitely.” He is particularly fond of the even output from this rig. “That’s where Meyer Sound is awesome – there is no signature sound. It’s just flat. Whatever’s coming in, is whatever’s going out. That makes it so easy for the client to go ‘we can take whatever, we can tune it however.’ One engineer can come in and tune it his way, another can tune it another way. That’s where it works really well.”

Liverpool Catholic Club

Meyer Sound’s recent shift to direct selling into Australia without a local sub-distributor is an interesting one. In these instances, it has also worked well, allowing the end customer affordable access to a premium product that may have previously been out of reach.

IPG also provided extensive AV, control and lighting for both these venues. It fits in with their company philosophy of “We will do anything that a cable that plugs into. Everything has to interconnect with everything. We’ll just own it; we’ll make it work.”

When they start with products that work so well straight out of the box, that makes it easier for IPG to provide systems and experiences that not only just work but keep blowing their customers away.

Gear List:

Meyer Sound ULTRA-X40:

Meyer Sound 1100-LFC:

Meyer Sound Galaxy processor:

Meyer Sound LINA:

Meyer Sound UP4-slim:

Meyer Sound MJF-210


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