3 Mar 2021

IntelliFLEX gives The Cube an edge

Lighting Designer Ian Anderson of Mitech Design has commissioned over 700 metres of pixel tape from the English lighting manufacturer Light Initiative for the Australian debut of the television show ‘The Cube’, the game show that pushes people to their 4m x 4m x 4m limits.

IntelliFLEX, their original DMX controllable 5V pixel tape, allows you to create movement and effects through pixel LED without needing a media server, and without thousands of console parameters. The product is operated via a lighting console through dedicated IntelliFLEX controllers. IntelliFLEX has many different modes, the most popular being the 24CH, which is 2 x 12CH Layers.

As the lighting designer and technical producer of the show, Ian was faced with the challenge of replicating the look of ITV’s UK version of the show in a limited time frame. Using traditional pixel tape was out of the question as it would have required more than 134,000 additional console parameters.

Colourblind, who have toured internationally with IntelliFLEX as their pixel tape of choice, presented a solution for Ian, but delivery was tight due to the Christmas and New Year holidays in combination with the global effects of the pandemic.

“It was not an easy task for manufacturers,” says Lynden Gare, Director of Colourblind. “We worked between the holidays to get the goods, which had arrived just in time on December 29th. As Australian rep, Colourblind was not only responsible for the IntelliFLEX, but also for the construction and rigging support for the pixel tape.”

The Cube premiered on Network Ten at 7:30pm on Wednesday, February 24.

For more information on Light Initiative or the IntelliFLEX products, visit or email

Sydney Pixel Team:-

Tom Wright
Alex McCoy
Taylor Allen

With support from Casey Loraine and Aidan Tothill.


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