13 Jul 2022

Jands extends ETC products to Prodigy P2 Hoist and Control System Range

Jands is excited to announce that our distribution partnership with ETC has extended to distributing Prodigy P2 Hoists throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Offering quick installation, easy operation, revolutionary features and affordable system expansion, P2 – the newest hoist in ETC’s Prodigy family – can go where other rigging systems can’t. Thanks to its advanced features and design, P2 is easier to install and commission than most other hoists on the market. “It takes very little time to get P2 in place,” says ETC Rigging product manager Nils Becker. “A pair of technicians could install six fully-commissioned hoists in a single day. That saves venues on installation costs, and results in less disruption to a production or event schedule.”

Reflecting on the addition of these hoisting products to the Jands portfolio, Executive Chairman Paul Mulholland had this to say, “being a Mechanical Engineer I have long admired the innovation in Stage Engineering machinery that has been delivered by ETC. Equally, I was frustrated when consistently advised by my Jands Venue Engineering team that ETC hoists do not comply with Australian standards. I recently approached an independent Professional Engineering Consultancy company to review the ETC products and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the hoists do comply with AS 1418.1, the Australian Standard. After learning this and when presented with the opportunity to deliver ETC’s Prodigy P2 product range to the Australian and New Zealand markets, I jumped at the opportunity”.


Today’s announcement further expands the partnership ETC and Jands have built throughout Australia and New Zealand spanning 30 years and covering ETC’s range of theatrical and architectural lighting fixtures, lighting control consoles, networking and dimmers.

For more information on the Prodigy P2 hoist and control system range from ETC please reach out to your Jands representative or give our team a call on 02 9582 0909.



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