9 Oct 2013

Jupiters Hotel & Casino Lights Up

Located in the heart of Australia’s premier tourist destination, the Gold Coast, Jupiters Hotel & Casino combines the luxury of an international resort with award-winning restaurants, lively bars, a self-supporting Convention Centre, spectacular stage shows and entertainment, and the non-stop action of the city’s only casino.

Recently Blair Terrace from ULA Group worked together with Martin Ferguson from AECOM Sydney and Jupiters Hotel & Casino’s Project Manager Brad Charles on a new design for the entrance to the iconic property. Blair Terrace explained: “The original brief was to create a classic light bulb matrix look on the new canopy ceiling at the front entrance of the complex. When the venue explored the available options the Anolis ArcDot was the product of choice due to its versatility, quality of the product and its colour changing capabilities.

“One of the main aspects of incorporating the new mood lighting schemes to the venue entrance was to use the existing lighting structure and replace all old discharge and fluros with the new lighting system to fit in the designated areas,” he said.


As well as creating a fantastic visual effect, a crucial feature of the new lighting system was to lower power consumption, increase lifespan, and significantly reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. “After careful consideration of all aspects and several on-site tests, Anolis ArcDots, featuring the latest Cree RGBW multi chips, turned out to be the perfect solution for this application”.

The project involved 137 pieces of ArcDots being installed into the ceiling of the entrance, which were then programmed and pixel mapped to run matrix video effects in different setups and sequences 7 days a week from dusk to dawn. The building management system automates the power to the system and an Ecue Lighting system activates the lighting show every evening. Additional 30 ArcSource 24MC fixtures were also installed in the ceiling of the Porte de Cochere to create great rich saturated colors on the forecourt entrance and valet parking area.



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