17 Sep 2013

Klotz ‘59er guitar cable

‘59 was a very good year for music. Al Hendrix gave Jimi his first guitar, Elvis was leaving the army, the Everly Brothers and Ritchie Valens were in their prime and the music surrounding us was as ‘hand made’ as it was ever going to be.

The solid woven tweed jacket on Klotz’ new 59er guitar cable recalls this truly golden era for musicians, but only the style of this cable is vintage. Take a look under the hood and you’ll see that cutting edge German technology transports the ‘59er into the 21st century.

The contents of the ‘59er’s tweed jacket is solid KLOTZ quality throughout. The proven cable, with a low capacitance of 115 pF/m, utilises both a conductive plastic shield and a bare copper spiral shield. The textile jacket not only gives the cable its good looks, but also adds extra resilience and protection without impairing its high flexibility. The cable’s high-quality metal connectors are gold tipped to maintain a corrosion-free finish. A shrink sleeve at each end, extending from the soldered joint to beyond the connector sleeve, provides additional anti-kink protection.

The “59” logo is engraved on the connector sleeve as a final affectionately detailed touch. The ’59er launches in October in a 4.5 metre format.


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