3 Jul 2013

Lab.gruppen LUCIA

Lab.gruppen released the new LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) power amps at InfoComm2013, aimed squarely at the corporate AV market. For a multitude of AV applications where high quality audio is required, without the complication and additional cost of a distributed system with centralised rack-mounted amplification, matrixing and processing, LUCIA offers systems designers a logical, cost-efficient and scalable solution. All LUCIA devices incorporate a digital, firmware-controlled front end coupled to a robust, durable and highly efficient Lab.gruppen output stage.

LUCIA amplifiers are supplied with a wall-mount bracket allowing for discreet on-wall location such as behind video displays. All connections are via Euroblock screw terminals, and level setting is available on front-panel potentiometers. An advanced protection scheme protects the device and connected loudspeakers from potential damage caused by clipping, thermal overload, or extreme low line voltage.

All LUCIA models are ENERGY STAR® qualified, making them an ideal choice for installation in projects seeking energy efficient certifications. The amplifiers automatically enter standby mode after 20 minutes of no signal input, consuming less than 1 watt. Automatic power-up occurs within two seconds after an input signal is detected.


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