25 Apr 2014

LD Demfis Fyssicopulos lost in surfing accident

Sadly lighting designer Demfis Fyssicopulos went surfing in LA and didn’t survive. His website pays homage to his love of the water: “Demfis resides in Los Angeles with his daughter with whom he enjoys the ocean and the activities that it has to offer”.

There are tributes (such as here) – quite accurately, as any LD who has worked for acts of the caliber of Prince and Maroon 5 obviously was hired on his ability.

Yet his last tour of Australia was not a happy time for anyone associated with the lighting. On arrival, Demfis declared to the local crew that he would redefine what they knew, and set about doing just that. CX covered this confusing episode, and had considerable heat through back channels from Demfis to try to spike the story. Media accreditation’s were granted, and removed. Photo consents were impossible. It was chaotic, and it was all orchestrated by the LD who traveled with Prince, his twin dancers, DJ and security goon on the Gulfstream.

His most recent high profile design gig with Maroon 5 ended badly, mid tour. His replacement discovered the show files were not available, at the last moment.

Of course it’s sad he had a surfing accident – he clearly had massive potential.

Our Blog on the Prince tour of Australia is here.



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