5 Jul 2015

Lid Closes – Case Co Sells Up

Michael Malgo at Samuelson Cases

For years Michael and Julie Malgo have built a huge variety of roadcases from their Chatswood factory. Now they are selling up, and the business represents a great opportunity for someone who is good on the tools.

They make custom cases for virtually anything, and specialize in welded cases which come in rigidised, stucco or diamond finishes. Samuelson have regular clients in film, TV, photographic, mining and medical industries.

Custom cases for unique applications keeps things interesting – last year they were asked to make two cases. One was for a male SIM and the other for a female (and pregnant) SIM.

Samuelson cases SIM

A SIM is a medical simulator, which is in effect a fake body. It weighs the same as an average male, or an average pregnant female. It contains plumbing for the purposes of injection or the taking of samples. Opening a case to find a SIM staring blankly up at you would be an unusual experience.

Michael says they have found a lot of competition from pre made Chinese cases, yet most of the cases they make are custom by nature. They have extensive capability with machinery for every occasion.

The Malgo’s are selling out at a reasonable cost, and are just keen to see the business in new hands.

Have a look at their excellent website, at and contact then here: or call 1300 554 600.



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