3 Jul 2013

Liine Live Control 2 – iPad control of Ableton Live for Lemur

The result of years of experience in Ableton Live multitouch control, the long-awaited Live iPad controller from Liine and ST8 is here. Built on Liine’s experience making Mu, Griid, Kapture Pad and Lemur, LiveControl 2 provides every single feature you need to jam, produce and perform with Ableton Live.

With an interface divided across four pages – Launch, Modulate, Play and Sequencer – each page is deep and feature-rich, while the layout is clear and intuitive. The Launch page provides access to clip launch, channel strips, FX, mixing and transport. The Modulate page offers device control for any parameter. The Play page is a real-time harmonic grid instrument, and the Sequencer page lets you edit, improvise and perform MIDI clips

LiveControl 2 is free for all Lemur users.


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