29 Nov 2012

Local Conman ‘Ran Recording Label’

29 NOV 2012 – SYDNEY

Now that he’s been convicted, CX can discuss our neighborhood conman freely.

Dimitri de Angelis seriously weirded out Mrs CX by appearing often in and around North Turramurra where she works. One night he was at (now closed) Tables Restaurant at a nearby table with some suits as she dined with her workmates. Next morning he was at Buddha Belly in Terrey Hills, having breakfast – again with suits.



Despite the picture above, an allegedly photoshop fake (de Angelis used fake pix of himself with Clinton, Dali Lama and maybe even Julius Grafton to ‘impress’ his sucker/targets) he is actually a gay former first class air steward. CX enjoys this stereotype whilst ensconced in First Class and when someone else pays for the ticket.

Now he is headed for the big house, as the District Court in Sydney found he had ripped off a long line of sensible people, including a barrister, deputy lord mayor, and business leaders. How did he do it?

They invested in ‘Emporium Music’, a bogus music label that didn’t actually do anything. And they pumped in – wait for it – $8 million bucks!


The promise was that if you put in 100 grand, it would become $6 million later on.

Like all good conmen, de Angelis lived the dream by hiring Rollers and luxury holiday villas. His actual domicile is near where CX lives (we have a bush hideaway in Wahroonga). It has security fences and cameras. A neighbor describes de Angelis and his Taiwanese boyfriend as ‘the neighbors from hell’.

He has convinced the court that he should remain, for now, on bail to attend a forensic psychiatrist – he has been prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, and is diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder.

But wait: the more we think about it, the more he actually resembles a recording company executive from the 1980’s.


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