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29 Sep 2020

LSC Lighting Systems PowerPoint

by Ash Neuendorf

Power Distribution System

High Impact Lighting (HIL) recently added some PowerPoint distros to our inventory. Because we already use the APS and GenVI units from LSC, this completed our range and we can mix them up to get the best fit for every gig.

Boring but very important
Power distribution is not the most exciting thing we do but none of the fun things will work if they don’t get reliable power.

At HIL, we put a strong emphasis on reliability. As a freelancer, I had a console crash during a very important gig and vowed right there to never let that happen with my gear.


So, it’s crucial to us that all our equipment just works. We don’t want a gig falling over from economising on crucial components.

In my time at HIL and other production companies, I’ve never seen an LSC unit fail, so we will keep on using them.

LSC offer plenty of different output options on the back of the PowerPoint. You can have the base model built with whatever outlets you want.

I chose many years ago to have all our equipment wired with 4-way Wieland, so we went with this again. It fits all our gear without cross-patching, just one to one hook up and go.

Part of the customisation service is choosing breakers and we have some distros setup with all 10A and some are all 16A. The 10A configurations are for lighting and the 16A ones for LED screens.

Inrush current is a big deal with these screens and it’s good to have the overhead.

Build Quality
Function is always important but it’s also good to have a tidy rack when the client walks past. LSC has got their mouldings and faces to the point where they are very consistent.

The rest of the unit is robust and pretty much failsafe. Sometimes a breaker goes but they swap them out promptly and it’s not very often this happens.

We use a mix of PowerPoint and APS distros in our touring racks. That gives us the flexibility and features that we need at a good price point.

We’d love to use all GenVI, but the lower outlay on the PowerPoint makes it very attractive for jobs when we don’t need any advanced features. They are modular, reliable and very cost effective for us.

Given what’s going on around us right now, it’s nice to be able to support a local product and company. LSC look after us with great service and we love their gear.

Product Info:

Distributor Australia and New Zealand:

The Specs – LSC Lighting Systems PowerPoint Power Distribution Sydney

Twelve 10A, 16A or six 25A output circuits

Individual RCD (30mA) protection for each output circuit – protection for users

Individual Neutral Disconnect circuit breaker for each output circuit

Master isolator switch that disconnects Neutral from output circuits as well

Three neon indicators show state of phase power

Three-phase operation

Single-phase operation possible

Ash Neuendorf has been lighting the stage since 2007. With his wife Chloe, they founded High Impact Lighting where they provide a comprehensive range of intelligent lighting, dimming and LED screens for hire and installation.

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