21 Jun 2018

Mandylights creates ‘The Liminal Hour’ magic with Antari atmospheric effects

‘The Liminal Hour’ is a theatrical experience designed by the artists at Mandylights, Earth Visual & Physical Inc, Jacob Nash and James Brown, transforming the Barangaroo’s Wulugul walk in Sydney into a magical bushland.

As a part of the Vivid festival in Sydney, the show features an enormous six metre high illuminated artwork named Marri Dyin – meaning “Great Woman” in the Eora language – who moves through a spectacular illuminated landscape each night.

To provide the atmospheric effects for ‘The Liminal Hour’ experience, Mandylights specified and supplied eighteen Antari IP-1500 smoke machines, purchased  from the ULA Group.

“Having used the Antari atmospheric machines extensively in theme park environments for years, I knew they would be a perfect solution for this unique installation”, says Clint Dulieu, Technical Designer at Mandylights. “I was sure they would be able to deal with the Sydney Harbourside environment and exposure to the weather for an entire month at Barangaroo.  They have been fantastic, performing flawlessly every night,” he commented.

The Liminal Hour

The work’s narrative sees Marri Dyin calling on natural forces, transforming peaceful bushland into a raging bushfire, then a torrential storm – a cycle of regeneration which assures new life and prosperity for future generations. While the storm calms, Marri Dyin then sits to share a moment with children. Marri Dyin is not a traditional spirit, rather  a contemporary concept. Her existence seeks to recognise the influence and importance of the First Nations women, including Barangaroo, who lived in Sydney prior to settlement. Marri Dyin represents their strength and spirit, and their role as providers for their people through a connection to the land and its waterways.


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