20 Apr 2015

Meyer Sound Announces New LEOPARD and 900-LFC Line Array System

(900-LFC shown in the image above and the LEOPARD shown further down)

Boasting Extraordinary Power-to-Weight Ratio and Ultra-Low Distortion to Set New Standards in Audience Experience, the LEOPARD™ and the 900-LFC join Meyer Sound’s flagship LEO® Family as its smallest and most versatile members. Boasting tremendous power-to-size ratio with ultra-low distortion, the patent-pending LEOPARD line array loudspeaker and the 900-LFC low-frequency control element­ offer an unprecedented level of clarity, power, precision, and ease of use. With state-of the-art design, groundbreaking engineering, and premium quality components, LEOPARD AND 900-LFC are designed to create an exceptional listening experience across a wide variety of applications from rental to install and rock ‘n’ roll to classical.

“I’ve always followed my own path in this business, never satisfied until something is the best it can be,” said John Meyer, Founder and CEO of Meyer Sound. “With the LEO Family we set out to reduce distortion to the theoretical limits and both LEOPARD and 900-LFC bring us even closer to the goal of the ultimate linear loudspeaker system. Quality components, amazing technology, incredible convenience, and elegant design are critically important, but it’s really the results that matter. To borrow an analogy from the auto industry, sometimes you have to just get behind the wheel and take it for spin. With LEOPARD and 900 LFC, you just have to listen. Once you hear it, you’ll want it.”



System highlights:
– An elegant system with greater phase coherence and seamless, uniform coverage.
– The utmost simplicity and performance, right out of the box.
– 10 times less distortion with significantly more power than similar products in the same class.
– Newly designed and highly efficient class-D amplifiers that virtually eliminate distortion while consuming less power and generating less heat.
– LEOPARD can both anchor a main system in a medium-sized venue or integrate seamlessly with LYON™ in down- and out-fill systems.
– Six LEOPARD and two 900-LFC loudspeakers can be flown using a ½ ton motor.
– 900-LFC offers exceptional low frequency, clarity and impact inherited directly from its big brother, the 1100-LFC.
– A complete system solution with MAPP XT™ for acoustic prediction, Compass RMS™ for real-time system performance monitoring, the Galileo® Callisto™ loudspeaker management system, and the new MDM-5000 distribution module for routing AC power, audio, and RMS signals.
– Premium quality components built with structural integrity and designed to last, making LEOPARD and 900-LFC a long-term investment.
– To guarantee reliability and consistency, all products are crafted by hand and rigorously tested for quality control onsite at the Meyer Sound headquarters in Berkeley, Calif., USA.

The LEOPARD and 900-LFC will begin shipping in summer 2015. For more information, visit the Meyer Sound website:




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