1 Oct 2012

MOOCs will eat SAE, JMC, AIM, TAFEs and most Universities!

MONDAY OCT 1, 2013

Last week a group of Vice Chancellors debated the threat from Masssive Open Online Courses offered by edX, Coursera, Udacity and our favorite, the Khan Academy. The Vice Chancellors say their profession may be at the tipping point, and noted how the internet has upended Newspapers, Music, Book stores, travel agents and retailers.

Today’s Financial Review, one of few newspapers that doesn’t give its articles away online and as a result the most profitable newspaper in Australia, says that the regulation framework under which Universities operate in Australia, known as the TEQSA, prevents Universities investing much in online learning.

While it is a stretch to see bluestone Universities rendered obsolete and keystone Degree qualifications dished up online, the Open Online Course environment will almost certainly smash the expensive private providers. Especially those selling courses in music technology and audio.

Everyone working in entertainment knows that a qualification – any qualification – is less regarded than in most other vocations. Most people working in the biz don’t have one.

Skills matter – and if a student can master concepts online, and then apply them backstage or in a studio, the need to shell out $14,000 a year and attend classes, while not earning a living, appears laughable.

For now there is no MOOC of note for the creative industries. But it’s just a matter of time.

Course online: More here.



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