15 Dec 2014

More Martin MAC101’s added to Peninsula

Peninsula, with its striking avant-garde décor and luxurious furnishings, sits elegantly on the absolute waterfront of Victoria Harbour. One of Melbourne’s most expansive event spaces, Peninsula features nine metre ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and a stunning 66-metre chandelier – the longest in the southern hemisphere.

Technical requirements for this spectacular venue, one of the largest in Victoria, are taken care of by Austage Events who were the first Australian events company in Melbourne to purchase Martin MAC101’s for their table lighting. Whilst most other venues used discharge lamps offering a limited choice of colour states, Austage’s MAC101’s could colour mix to suit their clients theme. The MAC101 solution has been so successful, Austage has recently added even more to the venue.

“Since 2011 we have acquired 186 Martin MAC101’s,” commented Nick Ellul, Austage’s general manager. “We have 120 in the main Peninsula space, 30 in Maia, 16 in Sumac and 16 in Sketch, and we are really happy with them. We had considered going for a Chinese option but I am glad we spent the money on the genuine item because 3 ½ years on, we have only had to have one MAC101 repaired – and that was due to user misuse!


“All we have had to do during that time is clean them out with an air compressor and a vacuum every six months.”

Nick further describes the MAC10s as possessing a nice tight beam which can hit the table fairly sharply, reliable and lightweight, which is important as the venue has weight issues. Their lightness means that they don’t have to be pulled down when not in use and clients add extra weight. The MAC101’s are mounted inside 500mm box truss leaving the box truss free for other uses and resulting in a neat and tidy solution for such an aesthetically lauded venue.

Austage recently added four Martin RUSH MH1 profiles to Peninsula to take care of dance floor lighting and small corporate events. They have plans to expand to some of the larger RUSH fixtures next year.






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