11 Mar 2013

Moshcam to cash up

11 March 2013

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SYDNEY: For several years CX has admired the commitment of John Reddin, Paul Hannigan and Century Venues Elia Eliadis – who’ve invested a small fortune in MOSHCAM, the best live concert website on the planet. Now they are set to cash up following a deal global channel partnbership with YouTube.

Google are investing big in a TV studio complex in LA, to assist top YouTube creators. The vision appears to be to replace TV with YouTube, streaming everything for all people.

The Moshcam partnership enables that company to raise more funds for more expansion. Now headed by former ARIA boss Steve Peach, Moshcam will seek $5 million to expand overseas. Moshcam already commissions overseas crews to shoot and capture complete concert sets. They pay the artist nothing, and the model works because the bands need the exposure.

Moshcam relies on excellent video and audio, done cheap on the fly. In many ways they pioneered this new medium, and now have a staggering number of shows (most shot in Sydney) online free.


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