6 Sep 2022

New App Disrupts Employment in the Entertainment Industry

Crew Pond, the new application benchmark in the gig economy, has been officially launched. The application connects those working in the Entertainment, Film, and Hospitality Industries (to name a few) to engage in a mutual working partnership on a single platform, in real-time.

For employers who need crew, they can schedule existing talent, as well as reach out to expand their talent pool. For potential employees working gigs, they can choose their hours and be masters of their time and workload. All of this can be done using a mobile phone.

Of his work as a creative, Jamie McEwen, Crew Pond CEO, states, “Working in the creative industry has given me a true sense of the meaning of “I’ve got your back”. It’s all about the show, the production, in whatever creative environment one might find oneself. It’s the thrill of “We have doors”, “Action”. “On Air” or “Table 9 is ready”. It is the true adrenaline, and Crew Pond makes this come alive in one simple app.”

About Crew Pond

Crew Pond was founded in 2019 by Jamie McEwen to provide an employment recruitment platform for creatives in the Entertainment, Film and Hospitality Industries. It allows creatives to find the right fit combination of employers and employees quickly and inexpensively, by having contractor details and calendars stored conveniently in one application.


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