9 Aug 2013

New Company Launches SGM Lighting in Australia

New company, Entertainment Technology Australia launched the reviatlised

SGM lighting brand at this year’s Entech Tradeshow held in Sydney during July. SGM was purchased in early 2012 by Peter Johansen the former founder of Martin lighting.

Since taking over SGM he has relocated the company back to his homeland Denmark and put together a world leading R&D team which are developing a range of unique, innovative new LED products. SGM are soon to release the G-SPOT, the worlds first IP65 rated moving head and innovative new products like the X-5 strobe and XC-5 colour strobe are appearing in major world tours, nightclubs and festivals around the planet. Also highlighted at Entech were the Six Pack, P-5 and P-5TW washes and a range of SGM’s special effect led solutions.


The brand was well received at Entech with ETA reporting a flood of enquiries on the range and a continuous stream of positive comments, many from Australia’s lighting industry leaders. Renowned Lighting Designer, Rohan Thornton of Firelight made the following comments. “Seeing the new SGM range at Entech was refreshing. In a time where we are seeing much more of the same, there were a number of SGM products, which definitely caught my eye. I was most impressed by the quality and output of both the X-5 and the XC-5. They were an innovative approach to an age-old instrument giving high output with low power consumption. Both products would be a welcome workhorse in any rig. The LT-100/200 range I thought was the product of the show. 3D Pixel mapping is the next innovation and SGM are at the forefront of this technology. Overall, it’s great to see SGM have a rebirth as a lighting force with an excellent range of products.”

Dave Croxton, who has a long history of distribution in Australia, is behind the set up of Entertainment Technology Australia. Croxton commented that he is excited about his involvement with SGM and cites that new technology is what really interests him in the range. “The entertainment technology industry is faced with many challenges at the moment, not the least being the flood of cheap product out of China. From my experience however it is the innovation of the individuals who have created certain brands and their vision for the future that really drives the ongoing economic survival of the sector. Peter Johansen is certainly one of those individuals and his R& D team are world leaders.” Croxton continued, “Further to this the flood of low cost equipment has made it even more relevant to look at the top end of the market and provide high quality, eco friendly, innovative solutions that stand out from the crowd.”

Jamie Payet has taken on the role of National Sales Manager for SGM. Jamie has a long history in the industry both in retail and distribution, as well as being a professional musician and running his own production company. Jamie commented on his new role, “When Dave called me regarding SGM Lighting and explained the history and the people behind it I knew there was a real opportunity to be involved with something at a start up level that will grow to become an industry leader. I am confident Entertainment Technology Australia will grow with the success of the brands it carries. SGM will be a key element to that growth”


Industry newcomer, Wayne Chadwick has also invested in the new company and will head up business development in the civil project area.  He offered the following comments in relation to his new role. “My business background has been heavily involved with both the planning and development of large civil projects. I look forward through ETA, to bringing new world leading technology from SGM to the table of both government and private projects in the future.”

For more information call Jamie Payet on 0417 576460 or email


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