7 Apr 2021

New Gear April 2021

DirectOut/Vivivaldy ViViD

DirectOut and Vivivaldy have introduced ViViD, a customised service that permits audio professionals to easily setup remote productions using standard internet connections. The ViViD packages include Vivivaldy VPN solutions combined with DirectOut products supporting RAVENNA, such as PRODIGY.MP and EXBOX.RAV. DirectOut’s RAVENNA implementation allows uncompressed real-time audio over IP transmission with ultra-low latency or with buffer times all the way up to 500ms.

New Zealand: tm stagetec or NZ (09) 887 0381

PROLiGHTS EclDisplay

The EclDisplay is a range of flexible LED spotlights designed for galleries, exhibitions, retail, and public venues. The EclDisplay is built around a modular design allowing users to choose the exact requirements for each project. Starting with 3 control configurations which include protocols like DMX, WDMX, DALI, phase cut dimming and local knob control, the EclDisplay then lets users select one of the 5 LED sources which include 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 5600k and an RGB+WW full colour source. These LED sources are all optimised for high CRI and TM30 values. With 3 lens options, lockable shutters, and a range of accessories and mounting options, the EclDisplay can be customised to meet the needs of your project.

New Zealand: Show Technology New Zealand (09) 869 3293


Radial EXTC Stereo

The EXTC Stereo allows you to connect guitar effects pedals to the inputs and outputs of pro audio equipment so you can incorporate stereo pedals into your live mixing or recording workflow. Use it to send drum overheads to a multi-tap delay, or breathe new life into a stale keyboard patch with a flanger or chorus pedal. Try it on vocals, strings, or any source to add a new creative element to your mixes and revitalise your pedal collection.

New Zealand: Amber Technology or +64 (0)9 443 0753

Powersoft Dynamic Music Distribution

ouch make them the perfect solution for easily deploying multi-source, multi-zone systems that can be conveniently scaled in small to medium-sized background and foreground music applications. Merging a routing matrix, networking capabilities, and digital sound processing in a single device means simplifying the audio chain by getting rid of any unnecessary, single-use link, streamlining the process. Powersoft’s offering of dedicated user interfaces and controllers, which includes the Wall Mount Panels and the SysControl app, grows with the addition of the brand-new Wall Mount Touch, which can be automatically setup thanks to predefined templates, granting control over zones, volume, sources, and scenes.

New Zealand: PAVT or +61 (0)3 9264 8000


The ACME GEIST BSWF is a moving head fixture with 450W LED source producing 34,000lm. With a net weight of only 24.6 kg and a small base, its one of the smallest high-powered fixtures in the market. Features include high CRI filter, a light and heavy frost filter, variable CTO of 2700K – 7000K, framing shutters, static gobo wheel, rotating gobo wheel, 4-facet prism, and a rainbow effect that can rotate in both directions.

New Zealand: ULA Group or (09) 218 6532

Martin Mac Ultra Performance and Wash

Built to support the biggest live events, The MAC Ultra Performance is based on Martin’s all new 1150 W, 6000 K proprietary LED light engine, pushing 46,500 lumens in projection. The 50,000+ hour light engine also provides high resolution dimming, strobing and Martin’s unique Animotion effect. A 1:7 zoom-range and precision focus-control is provided from the refined optical system. The extensive feature package includes uniform colour mixing, variable CTO, additional colour and spectral correction filters, Martin’s innovative Extended Framing system, two layers of rotating gobos, full function animation wheel, iris, frost and prism effects, and truly responsive and accurate pan and tilt. The MAC Ultra Wash is a colossal return to everything that a wash light should be. Pure and simple in concept, it’s a bold, no-nonsense workhorse and the brightest wash Martin have ever developed. Via it’s 1150 W, 6000 K proprietary LED light engine, the MAC Ultra Wash delivers 63,500 lumens from a 220 mm front lens and features a 1:10 zoom range. The MAC Ultra Wash also includes a powerful feature set, including uniform colour mixing, variable CTO, additional colour and spectral correction filters, motorised frost for a softer field, high resolution dimming and strobing.

New Zealand: Show Technology New Zealand (09) 869 3293

NovaStar CVT10

The CVT10 fiber converter offers a cost-effective way to convert optical signals to electrical signals, or electrical signals to optical signals, for connecting the sending card to the LED display. Delivering a full-duplex, efficient and stable data transmission that is not easily interfered with, this converter is ideal for long-distance transmission. The CVT10 hardware design focuses on the practicality and convenience of on-site installation. It can be mounted horizontally, suspended, or rack mounted, easily, securely and reliably. For rack mounting, two CVT10 devices, or one CVT10 device and a connecting piece, can be combined into one assembly that is 1U in width.

New Zealand: ULA Group or (09) 218 6532

Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Compact Series

Renkus-Heinz has launched two new models in the Iconyx Compact Series. The 36 channel ICC 36/3 and 48 channel ICC 48/3 provide integrators with ultra-compact solutions for spaces with limited installation options. Featuring 3”/77mm full-range, high sensitivity, treated paper cone drivers, each delivers the fidelity and musicality expected from Renkus-Heinz products. With an amplifier and DSP channel for each driver, Renkus-Heinz has packaged all the flexibility of its Iconyx range into a compact digitally steered line array that is nearly 40 per cent smaller than the classic Iconyx.

New Zealand: Amber Technology or +64 (0)9 443 0753

Robe LEDBeam 350

Building on the successful LEDBeam 150, the LEDBeam 350 maintains the 3.8° to 60° zoom range while Robe’s innovative lens coating technology keeps lenses clearer and scratch-free. Robe have added CPulse, their Pulse Width Modulation control system, to remove any on-screen camera flicker, making the LEDBeam 350 suitable for work with the most advanced HD and UHD cameras. Features include fast movement, colour mixing, zoom and control from the LEDBeam 150 maintained via compatibility mode, meaning seamless use of both models together with identical behaviour in the same rig. The 12 x 40W RGBW high power multichips provide plenty of output or CMY colour mixing control. DataSwatch contains 66 premixed colours and tones, including whites, for fast, reliable colour selection. Running exceptionally quiet due to the advanced cooling system, new zoom stepper motors, tungsten lamp emulation for lamps 2500W, and a variable CTO from 2.700K to 8.000K, the fixture is ideal for theatrical use.

New Zealand: Jands NZ or 021 674 601

Visionary Solutions DUET 2, DuetE-WP-BT, and Wallplate Encoders

he new DUET 2 encoders and decoders deliver 4K UHD video, Dante/AES67 connectivity, and control, all via a single Main Gigabit LAN port. USB-C connectivity is standard, offering easy connection for sharing media via laptop, tablet, phone, or other USB-C connected devices, as well as enabling soft-codec integration via driverless USB 2.0 connection to a PC for web conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype, Cisco WebEx, and Microsoft Teams. DUET 2 offers native integration with QSC, Symetrix and Crestron with easy to use published API. The DuetE-WP-BT, the first of its kind, combines powerful 4K UHD video and Dante/AES67 audio embedding and de-embedding over a single gigabit ethernet (PoE) port, with built-in Bluetooth wireless audio connectivity. The DuetE-WP-BT also offers native integration with QSC, Symetrix and Crestron with easy to use published API. The PacketAV DUET Wallplate Encoders fit into a two-gang, U.S. or UK-style back box without additional electrical box modification. The PacketAV DUET Wallplate Encoders mount into standard Decora-style wallplates for use in a wall, tabletop, lectern, or floor box. The 45-degree Ethernet connector enables simplified access from any side of the electrical box while providing bend radius relief for category cables. The DUET Wallplate Encoders feature a single Ethernet port with internal VLAN tagging capability to separate audio and video network traffic as needed.

New Zealand: PAVT or +61 (0)3 9264 8000

Pharos LPC X

The Pharos LPC X (Lighting Playback Controller X) offers an extreme level of power and integration, making it an ideal lighting control solution for architectural and landmark lighting installations requiring significant channel counts. It integrates with the full range of Pharos products and offers an optional real-time video input. The LPC X is a rugged 1U 19” rackmount unit with separate Ethernet interfaces for management and DMX-over-Ethernet (eDMX) output. It is available in capacities ranging from 10 DMX universes (5,120 channels) up to 100 DMX universes (51,200 channels) from a single unit, with further scaling (for even larger architectural lighting installations) by using multiple Controllers connected and synchronised over Ethernet.

New Zealand: ULA Group or (09) 218 6532

Highlite Showtec Performer Profile 600 MKIII

This fixture boasts a 260 watt Warm White COB LED ellipsoidal with a high CRI above 90 and silent operation, making it suitable for theatrical applications. It features a 3200 K colour engine and 0-100 % DMX controllable dimmer allowing a selection between 4 different curves. The Profile 600 MKIII has optional industry standard fixed and zoom lenses allowing proper projection of hard-edge, precisely focused light where needed. A true LED-light replacement for the traditional 750W tungsten lamp.

Highlite Showtec Performer Profile 650 Q5

This fixture offers you a variety of homogenic colours, thanks to the innovative 5-colour optic technology. The intelligent HSIC colour management allows you to pick any desired colour and a virtual colour wheel provides access to the most popular colours directly. In addition, a 2700K to 8000K colour temperature control feature is built in. From the hardware perspective, the Performer Profile 650 Q5 will fit with most common lens tubes on the market. This allows you to upgrade your current fixtures to colourful LED engines without having to replace all current lens tubes.

New Zealand: Kenderdine Electrical or (09) 302 4100

Chauvet Professional Maverick Force 2 Profile

The Maverick Force 2 Profile is a fully featured, compact and lightweight 580 W LED yoke profile fixture including CMY + CTO colour mixing, a four-blade framing shutter system with rotation, a colour wheel, 8:1 zoom, a 5 facet prism wheel, and two rotating gobo wheels.

Chauvet Professional Maverick Force 1 Spot

The Maverick Force 1 Spot is a 470 W LED yoke spot fixture including CMY + CTO colour mixing, a colour wheel, zoom optics, and two gobo wheels (one rotating, and one static) and an animation wheel. It includes CRI and CTB filters on colour wheel for added flexibility, and 16-bit dimming for smooth control of fades.

New Zealand: M.D.R Sound & Lighting or (06) 355 5073


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