13 May 2021

New Gear, May 2021

Astera AX2 PixelBar

The AX2 PixelBar is a linear wash fixture with wireless control, onboard battery, individually addressable LEDs, ultra-high colour rendering, digital colour calibration and a 21-degree beam. It comes complete with a range of rigging tools to provide solutions for multiple lighting applications and sectors, from concert touring to live events to TV productions and architectural and installations.
New Zealand: ULA Group (09) 218 6532

Bose AMM

Bose Professional’s new AMM multipurpose loudspeaker line includes two full-range loudspeakers, the AMM108 and AMM112, and a companion subwoofer, the AMS115. The AMM108 utilises a coaxial two-way design with a 1.7-inch compression driver and 8-inch woofer; delivering 110° x 60° coverage with 128 dB peak output. The AMM112 is also a coaxial two-way design, with a 3-inch compression driver and 12-inch woofer, delivering 110° x 60° coverage with 131 dB peak output. The AMS115 subwoofer runs a 15-inch transducer with low-frequency extension down to 35 Hz, producing 130 dB peak output.
New Zealand: Bose or +61 (0)2 8737 9999

Lightware Taurus

Lightware’s Taurus UCX is a universal switcher that offers the combination of USB-C and HDMI connectivity in one single device to transform any meeting space or huddle room into a unified communication powerhouse. The Taurus UCX lineup will initially release in four variants, including two primary crosspoint IO layouts; either as 2×1/4×1 auto switchers, or as 2×2/4×2/4×3 discreet matrices. Each layout offers IO flexibility targeted at uncompressed high resolution applications, with editions that support encoding of audio inputs via Dante and AES67 audio standards. This unique connectivity platform allows video, audio, control, ethernet, and USB3.x signals to be transferred via a single USB-C cable, and together with the auto-switching and intuitive room control capabilities the Taurus UCX opens new possibilities in the world of collaboration.
New Zealand: Pacific AV or (09) 947 5230


Clear-Com Station-IC

Clear-Com has released the new Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client, a Mac and Windows-based software application that connects to Clear-Com’s Eclipse Digital intercom Matrix and coming soon, the LQ Series of IP interface devices. Station-IC users connect natively to a central intercom system that hosts essential services such as audio and control systems, as well as panels, beltpacks, and even two-way radios or endpoints from other intercom manufacturers. Bringing Agent-IC’s intuitive UI to the desktop, with the added benefit of more licensing options and a flexible application window, both local and remote users can benefit from high-quality audio with very low latency.
New Zealand: Oceania or 09 846 5533

Sonance Invisible Series

Sonance’s Motion Flex Invisible Series offers a suite of advancements in invisible speaker engineering including Sonance Motion Flex Technology, featuring an all-new transducer, crossover, and motion technology. The wide bandwidth Wave Flex Drive Unit behaves as a high-bandwidth midrange and high-frequency transducer, all in one. The carbon fiber Air Flex Woofer connects to a chamber of air behind the speaker diaphragm resulting in a piston-like movement for robust and powerful bass. With an ultra-low crossover, these speakers have nearly 180 degree horizontal and vertical dispersion for consistent tonality from every listening position. The new Sonance Invisible Series speakers offer enhancements that cannot be seen, but can be heard.
New Zealand: Amber Technology or +64 (0)9 443 0753

Highlite Infinity Lens Adaptor

Are you looking to mix your traditional fixtures with new LEDs so you can more affordably switch your rig over and update it? The new lens adaptor ring from Highlite Infinity, which mounts onto Selecon Pacific and SPX optics, will make it easy for you to re-use parts of your existing rig in an upgrade. When you use this adaptor ring with your existing optics, it will make them compatible with Signature Profile bodies from Highlite Infinity.  
New Zealand: Kenderdine Electrical or (09) 302 4100

PROLiGHTS Astra Beam260IP

The flagship Astra Beam260IP is an IP-rated moving beam light, powered by a new OSRAM lamp, the Sirius HRI 260W PRO. With a long life-span of 6,000 hours, combined with a completely sealed enclosure, the Astra Beam260IP has a near-zero maintenance cycle, reducing operating costs. The Astra Beam260IP produces a parallel 2°, high-contrast, pure beam of light with an extraordinary output of half a million lux at 10 meters. The Astra Beam260IP has a rugged and completely sealed chassis made of aluminium alloy, with internal components treated with an IP coating, guaranteeing real IP65 water and dust-tight design for lasting outdoor applications.
New Zealand: Show Technology New Zealand (09) 869 3293

Robe T2 Profile

Crafted for multiple applications including theatre, television, auditoriums, stages, and concert environments, the T2 Profile produces over 17,500 lumens measured at the front lens via its 850W MSL source. The fixture’s exceptional quietness is perfect for scenarios where noise is crucial including classical concerts or recitals and dramas. It is also an ideal long-throw partner used in conjunction with Robe’s smaller T1 series fixtures, as both feature the MSL LED engines and therefore produce an identical multi-spectral colour mixing consistency. The T2 Profile incorporates adjustable CCT from 2,700K to 8,000K together with DataSwatch for the quick selection of 237 authentic pre-programmed colours and tones including the most frequently used whites.
New Zealand: Jands NZ or 021 674 601

Sennheiser Mobile Kits

Rounding off the launch of its MKE 400 compact shotgun microphone for cameras and the XS Lav clip-on microphones for mobile phones and computers, Sennheiser has announced the launch of various Mobile Kits. These include a Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod and Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp, making them ideal for vloggers and content creators for whom the smartphone is the tool of choice during some or for all of their creation processes. To complement existing microphones, the Mobile Kit is also available on its own as an accessory.
New Zealand: Sennheiser or (09) 580 0489

Yamaha CS-700

The CS-700 is an all-in-one video conferencing system designed for smaller spaces. This wall-mounted system features ultra-wideband audio and high-quality video for clear communication. The 120-degree wide angle camera captures all meeting participants in one field of view. The CS-700 features a beamforming microphone array and four-element speaker bar that captures every word and delivers it to the far end of the room. Wired and wireless expansion microphone options are available to extend the reach of microphone pick-up.
New Zealand: Amber Technology or +64 (0)9 443 0753


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