14 Oct 2021

New Gear October 2021

d&b audiotechnik XSL System

The new d&b XSL System scales the industry-leading features of the SL-Series into a smaller, lighter weight, more energy efficient package. XSL encompasses all the comprehensive features of its SL bloodline, from outstanding broadband directivity control and extended low frequency performance, to comprehensive rigging, cabling and transportation.

The XSL System comprises installation specific and mobile touring variants. XSLi for permanent installations is ideally suited to venues with a high dependency on the clarity of spoken word together with the need for high power, full spectrum performance. The XSL mobile version addresses the needs of the broadest range of touring applications. Both XSL and XSLi can be deployed as a stand-alone, self-contained package, or as a delay, or fill system to accompany its GSL and KSL siblings.

Continuing d&b’s fixation with directivity, XSL delivers cardioid performance across the full frequency spectrum, resulting in reduced audio spill onto open mics on stage, improved clarity and impact of individual instruments, and less coloration of mid range build up in venues and on broadcast and recording feeds. Less spill from the main PA to the stage and backstage improves the creative experience for performers, while giving more control to monitor engineers, particularly in the mid to low frequencies.


XSL loudspeakers achieve broadband directivity using patented SL-Series cardioid techniques to control low frequency dispersion. The XSL System’s excellent sonic performance and clarity is achieved with this unique pattern control and enhanced further with d&b enabling technologies including d&b ArrayProcessing.

New Zealand: NAS or (09) 414 4220

Epson ELPAF63

Protect the projector in dusty environments with the ELPAF63 external air filter. Engineered for use with Epson high brightness laser projectors, EB-PU2000 and EB-PU1000 Series, the filter offers a maintenance cycle up to 20,000 hours in dusty environments, such as crowded museums or busy expos. Attaching the ELPAF63 gives an equivalent protection to sealing an optical engine structure, so that the projector’s performance is not compromised in an environment that contains high degree of particulates. Ideal for high-ceiling or remote installations where regular air filter maintenance is difficult.

New Zealand: Epson or (09) 366 6855

Minuit Une IVL Proton

With its innovative moving core combined with the renowned 8 tilt system (2 sides by tilt, mirror and frost), the IVL Photon has three main outputs; immersive (mirror), decorative (frost) and the creative punch (moving core). A standard DMX control provides endless possibilities to customise the outputs for each moment. 9 gobos create from 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 through to 256 beams. There are dimmer and RGB controls for each of the 8 mirror tilts, and an electronic shutter. IVL Photon can be incorporated into any kind of show or event thanks to its compact design and extreme versatility. Classified as Class 3R, IVL Photon is a laser-based light as safe as LED. It can be used in unsupervised areas according to the international standard (IEC 60825-3), without permit or specific training.

Australia and New Zealand: Showtools or +61 (0) 2 4646 1199


The AKG Ara dual-mode USB microphone captures audio at up to 24-bit, 96kHz resolution. Ara’s dual pickup patterns let you focus on a single voice or instrument or everyone in the room. Choose the directional Front (cardioid) pattern to focus on sound directly in front of the mic while rejecting sound from other sides; use the Front + Back (omni) pattern to pick up sounds all around the mic, such as multiple speakers or a group of performers. Use Ara with the integrated base stand (included), on a desktop boom arm, or with a common microphone stand. On the go? Take an OTG adapter or Apple Camera Adapter with you, and use Ara when away from your desktop computer. It’s plug-and-play simple, thanks to USB connectivity and class-compliant drivers.

New Zealand: JPRO or (09) 275 8710


Designed with monitor engineers and fixed installations in mind, KLANG:konductor is a high-end mixing system that can deliver 16 immersive mixes and process 128 input signals at up to 96kHz, with an astonishing processing latency of less than 0.25ms. KLANG:konductor offers three DMI slots on its rear to provide I/O freedom and guarantees flawless integration into any existing setup. For example, two DMI-MADI cards allow 128 input channels and mixes to be returned to a console, and one DMI-Dante card can connect the mixes to KLANG:kontrollers. Paired with integral single channel routing capabilities, it also allows the user to freely route between the immersive mix engine and convert between different DMI formats, e.g. Optocore, Dante or MADI, with each DMI card offering up to 64 input and output channels at both 48kHz and 96kHz.

Australia and New Zealand: Group Technologies or +61 (0) 3 9354 9133

DiGiCo SD12T

DiGiCo has released the ‘T’ software for the SD12. Featuring powerful, refined hardware and Stealth Digital Processing, the SD12T’s functionality and work surface are instantly reconfigured to provide the specialist theatre programming tools that deliver the versatility needed for theatre sound design, rehearsal and show operation. The new SD12T has 96 inputs as standard, 48 busses and a 12 x 8 Matrix and features a flexible, expandable I/O structure that includes dual DMI card slots making it perfect for expandability with industry formats such as analogue expansion, Dante and Waves SoundGrid.

Australia and New Zealand: Group Technologies or +61 (0) 3 9354 9133

Barco XDM and XDX

Designed to enable impactful experiences in the Australian and New Zealand theme park industry, the XDM and XDX feature Rec. 2020 colours and native 4K resolution. The RGB laser light source enables a wider colour gamut, making the latest additions to the Barco portfolio ideally suited to those applications where exceptional image fidelity and extra colour punch is needed to showcase the specialised Rec. 2020 content. In addition, the projectors make full use of evolving standards around High Frame Rate (HFR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) that have become popular within the content creation community.

Australia and New Zealand: Barco Systems or +61 (0) 3 9646 5833

Fohhn Media Hybrid-1

Thanks to special waveguides and Fohhn DSP, Hybrid-1 enables natural speech intelligibility throughout any room for video conferencing and amplified speech. The integrated bass reflex system also ensures a rich and room-filling sound when playing media. The active loudspeaker system can easily be combined with other media components to form a standardised system. The active (2x 70W RMS0 Hybrid-1 provides even sound dispersion at 100° in both the vertical and horizontal thanks to the coaxial Fohhn high-frequency diffraction waveguide, and flexible sound adjustment and maximum operational reliability with Fohhn DSP.

Australia and New Zealand: CMI Music & Audio or +61 (0) 3 9315 2244

VuePix Infiled TITAN-X

TITAN-X outdoor touring panels feature high-brightness LEDs of 8.3mm pixel pitch. Each LED diode has been treated with an advanced protection shield, providing the ultimate UV, weather and dust protection. The unique design of the TITAN-X cabinets offers transparency of 70%, bringing new dimensions to your creative outdoor stage sets and allowing the sound and lighting to easily cut through the LED wall system. Each cabinet offers extensive load capacity and stability due to its innovative X-frame structure – a rear triangular foldable wind bracing system. Large format TITAN-X video walls can resist wind speeds of up to 20m/sec, with the screen reaching a height of up to 24m, making these panels a perfect choice for outdoor festivals and events.

New Zealand: ULA Group or (09) 218 6532

Roland V-02HD MK II

Ditch the webcam and step up your livestreams with the Roland V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer. Compact, affordable, and simple to use, this desktop device allows you to connect and switch two high-quality HDMI cameras and send them directly to your favourite streaming platform over USB-C. You can also mix in audio sources via dedicated inputs and HDMI, apply video effects and transitions, and more. With the V-02HD MK II, you have the interface you need to bring higher production values to your live video productions.

New Zealand: Music NZ or 0800 775 226


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