3 May 2012

Note from Reader about The Tom!

Greetings Julius.

I doubt if you’ll remember me but we have met a number of times. (I believe I first met you in the 70’s-from memory you were mixing for Gary Glitter, but you had hair then so I may be mistaken) Last time we spoke was at a show I supplied and operated for-the opening of SAE headquarters at Byron Bay. Around 2002 I think.

Just thought you may be interested in a short tale re Tom. You may remember that Tom had a book out at the time. (I forget the title but suffice to say, it was atrocious) As part of the gift pack to the invitees at the show he had made up a large number of beautiful calico bags, each one containing a copy of his book.

These were placed on each seat at the show. (600 or so by my estimation) What was never noted however,was that when the show finished and I was loading out my equipment I noticed a moderate pile of something stacked up in a darkened corner of the marquee. Investigating the possibility of a score re unwanted stuff, I checked it out.

It was a pile of discarded books! (600 or so by my guess) It struck me as I continued my work-how bad does a book have to be for an entire guest-list to throw away?

Stupidly, I took one and read it. That’s all I need to say about that. Anyway, you plastered me in your mag. (With good reason) I’m just a small, local supplier. I do pubs, small venues. You know guys like me, there are thousands of us. Work out of a HI-Ace. When the gig came my way, I was told it was a staff party with a band and a few speeches. Budget for audio-$600.

That’s, six hundred dollars. I freaked when I arrived. The lighting crew told me they had a budget of $18,000. And of course, everyone in the room was a sound engineer. Can you imagine a worse scenario for a back-yard guy like me. I got calls from almost everyone I knew after your mag came out.

Still, its a blessing in disguise perhaps. I started doing sound in 1968 and bought my first P.A. in 1974. Guess it was time to find something else to do. Still, agree with everything you said re Tom. Keep up the good work, maybe we’ll see each other again.

Dave Burke
Professional Audio Services


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