19 Mar 2024

Novatech Deploys ROE Visual to Make Waves at AO24 Finals Festival

The Finals Festival hit AO24 bigger and better than ever. Presented by Tennis Australia with production design and management by Gig Control, the Festival was held over the final weekend of the Australian Open and saw Adelaides’ Novatech deploy ROE Visual V8T transparent LED in a creative way.

“The AO Finals Festival was such a sold-out success last year, so it was a very easy decision for us to move it to a bigger venue with bigger crowds, and that’s exactly what we’ve done hosting it at JCA (John Cain Arena),” said Tennis Australia’s Chief Commercial Officer, Cedric Cornelis.

To suit the larger venue, Novatech adopted 360 V8T panels to create a vast and immersive curved LED wall measuring 60m in width and 6m in height. The wall’s grand size and stunning curves provided the ideal backdrop for internationally acclaimed acts such as Rudimental and Groove Armada.


“The Stage location was in a tennis stadium that also features a velodrome that is covered by retractable seating banks. The seating retracts to the ceiling and is where the stage was located for the Festival. Considering the limited rigging capacity, lightweight was the first factor we had to consider. The ROE Vanish V8T was the perfect product being only 18kg/sqm, in combination with the limited load capacity of the venues seating bank, meant other touring frame or air frame options were too heavy when combined with all other production elements. With each tile being 1m x 1m meant the build time was shortened, which was a major consideration given the quick turn around between tennis matches being played and the first day of the Finals Fest. If an AirFrame system was deployed for this design, it would have resulted in 500x 0.6m*1.2m tiles VS the Vanish product being only 360x 1m*1m tiles.” explained Ashley Gabriel, Sales and Marketing Director at Novatech.

“Additionally, the V8T panels offered exceptional performance in daylight along with curving capability, allowing us to easily accommodate various artist’s riders. We therefore used V8T as curved and straight solid LED panels in daylight.”

“The Vanish outdoor panels offers superior brightness and contrast, contributing to the overall visual experience. It was great to see how the event production teams expertly crafted the stage design, optimally using the curving options of the LED panel.” said Grace Kuo, Sales Director of ROE Visual.


“We stock a variety of ROE Visual panels that allow us to choose the right display depending on the event and requirements. There are many applications and future events that are using our ROE products in creative and innovative ways. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ROE Visual for many years,” commented Leko Novakovic, Managing Director from Novatech.

Creative / Production Credit: Gig Control Australia


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