4 Jun 2018

Novatech looks after their crew. Consider a move to Adelaide?


Novatech looks after their crew. Consider a move to Adelaide?

Novatech has reviewed their current employment contracts and a new and improved offering is being rolled out to staff over the next few months.

A family-owned and run company, Novatech’s management team have long known that their people make the difference and have firmly entrenched this mantra as part of the long-term business plan in the form of a major goal of being the employer of choice in the market.


Key highlights of the new contracts include a loyalty leave program that allows staff to obtain additional annual leave through longevity in the business, as well as short-term benefits including weekend bonuses, improved tour allowances, a staff referral program, and a short shift change bonus.

The internal reward and recognition scheme allows for peer-to-peer recognition. Every quarter this leads to a prize-giving ceremony of tailor-made prizes ranging from gift vouchers, to hot air balloon rides, through to interest trips and high-end BBQ smokers.

It’s the business’s way of ensuring everyone is recognised for their efforts and working as a team.
This goes hand-in-hand with the health and wellbeing program that sees free fresh fruit delivered daily, free annual health checks, and free flu shots offered to all staff.

It’s not just the physical side of health and wellbeing of their staff that Novatech consider with free mental health support and counselling available on a confidential basis.

Novatech have already attracted staff from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and the UK to make Adelaide their new home. Staff have been attracted to Novatech because of the high standard of equipment, the standard of systems and processes, as well as incentives such as relocation assistance and sign-on bonuses.

Novatech understand that making the leap of faith not only to a new company, but to a new state, is a large decision in anyone’s world, and they work closely with any prospective employee to understand their family situation and any special needs or considerations for partners, family or personal requirements.

As well as the considerable financial benefits, Novatech is keen to share the South Australian lifestyle and cost-of-living benefits. South Australia is home to 70% of the country’s premium wine districts, and Adelaide enjoys abundant food resources, the sunshine and fresh air of the Adelaide Hills, beaches and Murray River water sports – all within an hour of the city.

Being central, Adelaide is the perfect home base for tours to Darwin, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney as well as the quick hop across to Melbourne or Canberra as required.

Novatech welcome confidential chats with any new prospective employees to see what their next adventure may look like. Novatech are proud of their team and look forward to becoming the national employer of choice from their home base of Adelaide.



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