5 Jul 2024

NW Group Invests in More Robe

NW Group is New Zealand’s largest live event technology and full production – lighting, audio, and video – specialist in New Zealand, where it’s represented by the Oceania and Spyglass brands with bases in Auckland and Wellington on the North Island.

The company has recently invested in 24 new Robe Spiider LED wash beams which are added to their 56 x Robe BMFLs (32 x Spots and 24 x Blades), delivered via distributor, Jands New Zealand.

NW Group’s work encompasses arts, performance and entertainment shows, concert touring, all types of corporates, special projects and they are also service providers to some of the busiest venues including the New Zealand International Convention Centre in Auckland.

They were looking for a great value and solidly reliable LED wash beam that could be used in any environment explained head of lighting Aaron Curry, who designs lights for many of the company’s projects. He has been in this post for just over a year, and before that was freelancing in the US.

head of lighting, Aaron Curry in Auckland

The BMFLs have actually been in stock with NW Group since 2014 … soon after the product was launched. They are still in very good condition, are working well and constantly on multiple shows, and are still appropriate for the creative lighting requirements of leading events. The quantity is also more than enough to facilitate most requirements in New Zealand.

It was that Robe longevity, reliability and rock-solid engineering that impressed Aaron and his team when making the decision to invest in the new Spiiders.

Apart from that, these Spiiders are currently the only ones in rental stock on New Zealand’s North Island! “The new lights perfectly fill that gap for a mid-to-large-sized LED wash fixture here.”

“Flexibility is top of the list for anything servicing our markets,” elucidated Aaron, “Spiiders are both beams and wash lights so that is ideal for us,” he commented, adding that all his major designs for NW Group projects will utilise BMFLs and Spiiders.

Recent examples have included the Maranga Concert in Parrs Park, Auckland, to raise funds for communities hit by Cyclone Gabrielle; the Eden Park semi-final of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and the annual Deloitte Top 200 Awards staged at Auckland’s Viaduct events centre.

NW Group’s various lighting operators all like the Spiiders for the range of dynamic effects and their reliability says Aaron, and the fixtures have been out on the road every week since arriving in the country at the end of 2023.

They are in demand at both the Auckland and Wellington branches – and in fact, there is sometimes even a degree of friendly rivalry over which team has them in which warehouse! “They suit all of our work,” noted Aaron.

In addition to the output, Aaron thinks the build quality of the Robe products is robust and he appreciates the attention paid to details.

“The Robe moving lights are flagship fixtures and complement all the other luminaires we have. They are durable for outdoor work and lighting designers, directors and operators are happy to use Robe products all over New Zealand,” he states, which is a great endorsement for the brand. They are also happily accepted by all the international riders coming through.

In addition to having appropriate kit, Aaron underlines the importance of getting the right people onboard. “A massive part of our strength is all those talented and dedicated individuals ensuring we deliver standards of excellence on all levels,” he emphasises.

NW Group’s lighting department produces around 250 shows / events a year of varying sizes and scales, and a typical month will also see one to two tours leave the warehouse. The current warehouse premises in Rosebank Road, Auckland is in the middle of what has become a hub for production companies and technical suppliers on the outskirts of the city.

NW Group production manager Jacob Eliason – now working for the Group in Australia but previously based in Wellington – is another big fan of the Spiiders. “They are the punchiest wash lights we have here – I love the colour mixing and especially the darker colours,” he enthused during a show celebrating the 2024 Chinese New Year at the TSB Arena in Wellington, for which NW Group supplied all production equipment.

NW Group Wellington Team

NW Group Wellington is also the largest production and rental enterprise in the Wellington area, and Venues Wellington is one of their main clients.

Photos by Louise Stickland (people) & Ruan Bezuidenhout (product)

Main image: Jands New Zealand’s Phil Sargent (left) with Aaron Curry


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