26 Apr 2022

Panasonic Connect: Panasonic evolves B2B business

Panasonic has announced the launch of Panasonic Connect Oceania, the new company responsible for business solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Replacing the Panasonic Business brand, Panasonic Connect will commit to a new purpose – “Change Work, Advance Society, Connect to Tomorrow” – and build stronger partnerships to solve problems and create new value for customers.

The new Panasonic Connect brand will harness the power of people and technology by leveraging decades of in-house expertise, innovation and solutions – and its extensive ecosystem of partners – to deliver more effective outcomes for customers in the supply chain, public sector and entertainment industries.

This will include improving proprietary technologies including sensing, AI and robotics to solve deeply hidden problems within retail, supply chain and the public sector and integrating IoT-enabled edge devices including rugged computers, tablets and handheld devices – such as Panasonic TOUGHBOOK.

It will also welcome a new era of content creation and immersive live experiences within the entertainment sector, to give users freedom to express their creativity and engage their audiences like never before. Panasonic Connect will work closely with venues, stadiums and broadcast companies to deliver tailored projection mapping and digital signage technologies alongside professional video equipment solutions.

Jason Coleman, Managing Director at Panasonic Connect Oceania said: “At Panasonic Connect, we are doubling-down on our approach to engage with our business customers on a deeper level, expanding our ecosystem of solutions and relationships now and well into the future.”

“We are excited to continue partnering with our customers and give them greater access to the right solutions so they can remain agile, flexible and resilient when solving prominent business challenges.”

“Our evolution as a purpose-driven brand means Panasonic Connect can make a more meaningful and sustainable contribution to society – connecting people, processes and technologies to move us forward.”

Panasonic Connect’s philosophy of forging great partnerships is epitomised by the recent acquisition of Blue Yonder, the leading end-to-end, digital fulfillment platform provider. The acquisition accelerates Panasonic’s and Blue Yonder’s shared vision for an Autonomous Supply Chain.

By unifying Panasonic’s sensing technologies and edge devices with Blue Yonder’s artificial intelligence and machine learning powered planning, execution and commerce solutions, companies can create smarter and more connected retail stores, warehouses, transport operations and workplaces.

This unique end-to-end offering provides customers with unlimited visibility and control, allowing them to pivot operations in real-time and provide superior customer experiences.

“We understand that we must stay close to our customers to understand their challenges, but what drives true innovation is working alongside trusted partners and specialists to create genuine value. Panasonic Connect Oceania will be at the forefront of connecting our customers with the right partners for the right solutions, both here and abroad,” said Mr Coleman.

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