1 Apr 2020

QSC Australia Reveal First ‘More Than A Black Box’ Collaboration

In late 2019, QSC’s Victorian office was fortunate to get an incredible makeover as eight Melbourne based street artists came together for a project to celebrate the NGV’s Haring and Basquiat exhibition. “Watching the wall come to life with such wonderful colour inspired us and got us thinking about other ways in which we could collaborate with the artist community around Australia,” said QSC Australia Marketing Manager Nicholas Simonsen.

With that in mind, QSC Australia engaged a number of artists to use their K.2 speakers as a canvas for their work. The aim: to give them a look as colourful and vibrant as the sound they produce.

It seemed logical to start these collaboration’s with artist Chehehe, who was one of artists to contribute to the QSC Australia office wall project. “His style and approach seemed like the perfect way to start this project and as the speaker boxes came to life with his artwork, it truly reaffirmed that we were onto something very special,” Simonsen commented.

Chehehe’s pair of K.2 speakers were premiered via the spectacular urban arts festival Can’t Do Tomorrow at the end of February, which had over 15,000 people in attendance over the course of a week.

More of these one-off collaborations will come to light in the coming months, with the aim of showing everyone that QSC’s K.2 powered speakers are so much more than a black box.


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