19 Jun 2012

Radiohead Roof Failure: More Info

As with the Indiana disaster last August, there is absolutely nothing official being said by anyone, at the ernest advice of lawyers, who would always sanction silence.

It is our policy to run an intelligent and unbiased debate on ANYTHING that affects our industry, so here goes….

First up, here is a BEFORE photo of the stage at Toronto:


And here is a new AFTER photo:

Now to the conjecture, all of which is officially no more than rumor, so make of this what you will.

1. A post suggested that the I-beams are/were sitting on 3″ shelfs on the scaff. And that the roof load was possibly upwards of 75,000 lbs.


2. Look upstage at the trusses bending in an unequal manner.

3. From the images, please venture forth your opinions, so we may all learn a lot more than we know.

4. The staging company may allegedly be OPTEX STAGING. It is known they first created the stage, they <may> have onsold it to another entity and not been involved in any way with the collapse. (They should say so, now if that is the case!) Under their Concert Staging link, it says: “The wonder of the scaffold base stage is cheer flexibility. Extra loading can be integrated into audio fly-points, and the special requirements for the flying of lighting fixtures, truss and cabling are easily adapted.”

5. Here is a very unsubstantiated comment that may be right off the mark: In Canada, LiveNation doesn’t use the union, IATSE if they can avoid it. (CX: The Union denied their labor built the stage). They use a staffing company called Nasco. They have riggers and engineers, as well as other positions.

6. (Rumor….) The NASCO engineer was not prepared to sign off the stage, and departed. Cannot be validated.

Please share your comments here.





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