22 Nov 2012

Reader comments on Dwight Yoakam concert sound

(22 Nov 2012)

David W. Jones writes:

I have a question about the production quality at the Dwight Yoakam concerts.

I attended the Canberra show and found the sound for Lee Kernagan was good but the follow spot guy could not get his act together to spot the lead guitarist during solos. All in all the lighting was pretty bland with just banks of 64s for wash and no intels or fog. It lacked atmosphere and really felt like going to a pub to see a cover band.
When Dwight came on the sound levels were cranked up several notches to the point there were several recurring feedback issues throughout the concert. Also, Dwight was not happy with his guitar amp so much so ha only smiled once in the pathetic, one hour only show he appeared to reluctantly put on.
Looking on facebook I see there were similar problems in Melbourne with sound quality.
My questions are:
Did Dwight bring his own production team or was this a poor showing of a local company? (Jands I believe)
Is it common to keep the sound down for the support act and crank the daylights out of the rig for the main act?
Do you have any inside gossip on Dwight’s shitty attitude to people who paid between $100 and $140 a seat to be short changed by the quality of the lighting and the length of his shows?
David W Jones


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