28 Nov 2019

Riedel Bolero & Bolero S: DECT-Based Comms


Riedel’s Bolero & Bolero S:

DECT-Based Comms in Stadia and Multi-Purpose Arenas

presented by Riedel.

Riedel’s widely acclaimed Bolero wireless intercom system is being adopted by sports teams, leagues, and venues from New York to Tokyo. What drives the success of this DECT-based device?

DECT is a highly versatile and common standard for wireless communications that operates within its own protected spectrum and has low power requirements.

But, until recently, DECT-based intercom systems were impractical for use in large production environments such as stadia and multi-purpose arenas due to their susceptibility to RF reflections.

No system could solve the RF issues and also provide the voice quality, low latency, and intelligence required for advanced wireless communications in demanding production environments.


As a manufacturer of pioneering real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks, Riedel Communications recognized the need for a DECT-based intercom system that could excel in the most demanding RF environments.

An intense R&D effort resulted in the Riedel-exclusive Advanced DECT Receiver (ADR) technology, a diversity receiver technology specifically designed to reduce sensitivity to multipath RF reflections.

Bolero S at Bundesliga match Stuttgart, Germany. (Photo by Simon Hofmann/Bundesliga/DFL via Getty Images)

Riedel’s flagship product featuring this groundbreaking type of receiver is the Bolero Wireless Intercom. Bolero is an expandable, full-roaming, DECT-based intercom system in the license-free 1.9GHz frequency range, with a rich set of features and connectivity options.

Its high-clarity voice codec provides both higher speech intelligibility and more efficient use of RF spectrum, significantly increasing beltpack to antenna density.

Whether integrated with Riedel’s Artist matrix intercom platform or operated in standalone mode, Bolero guarantees flexible and reliable communications.

That’s why some of the world’s most prestigious stadia and arenas have already chosen Bolero to take their communications to the next level.

Bolero’s voice-operated counterpart, Bolero S, is taking the sports world by storm as more and more teams and leagues choose this compact Bolero system for referee and coach communications.

Bolero S is a smaller, but equally powerful version of Bolero that includes a voice-operated switch for (VOX) for hands-free operation.

Bolero S is offered exclusively as part of Riedel’s Managed Sports Services that provide subscribers with a full-service solution including locally-installed communications hardware and remote management of the entire system by comms experts in Riedel’s Remote Operations Center (ROC) in Wuppertal.

Riedel Remote Operations Center

In the ROC, experienced engineers monitor audio quality, RF performance, and battery life, while also constantly adjusting talk and listen levels and the VOX threshold in real time. In this way, Bolero S users can concentrate on their task at hand without having to worry about the quality and reliability of their communications.

At the same time, this special remote support drastically reduces both personnel and logistics costs – while maintaining the highest standards of service quality.

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