29 Feb 2024

ROE Visual on AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 Opening Ceremony Stage

ROE Visual LED panels played a central role in the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 Opening Ceremony on January 12 at the iconic Lusail Stadium. Commissioned by Katara Studios, Creative Technology used ROE Visual’s LED panels to bring their awe-inspiring vision to life.

The event featured five shell-shaped screens, each with an impressive height of 12 metres. The screens, forming five giant petals, consisted of a total of 600 ROE Visual BP2V2 panels. This magnificent centerpiece enveloped the spectators in the musical perfromance by Kelileh & Demneh, enabling them to understand the story’s background and follow the song lyrics.

“The show was designed to look beautiful from any viewpoint in the stadium. The five screens enabled a 360-degree view, corresponding to the number of regional federations that make up the AFC,” said Magriga Kamiyeva, producer for video studio Sila Sveta on the show.


Rooted in the spirit of football, the screens displayed the mascots chosen by the 24 national teams to represent their countries, uniting the Asian continent to celebrate unity and inclusivity.

“We’re grateful that Katara Studios brought us on board for this production,” commented Riaan Gomes, Senior Project Manager at Creative Technology. “It was an honor to work on such a spectacular and memorable event. We opted for the ROE Visual BP2V2 to deliver mesmerising visual content. This choice was backed by the fact that the BP2V2 has excellent on-camera behavior”.

The BP2V2 has solidified its reputation by showcasing unparalleled colour accuracy in many Netflix productions, influential films, and popular broadcast TV shows. The BP2V2’s great on-camera behavior and stable performance provide both DOPs and actors a superb environment to work with.


“This is another big event we achieved in partnership with Creative Technology in Qatar, following the Qatar World Cup Opening Ceremony. Thanks to our partner for consistently prioritising high-quality visuals. With this remarkable event as a beginning to 2024, we’re eagerly anticipating the next projects and events in the Middle East region,” says Grace Kuo, Sales Director of ROE Visual.

(Photo Credits – Katara Studios)


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