4 Dec 2017

Sennheiser’s Digital 6000 takes Guy Sebastian’s performance to the next level

Guy Sebastian, one of Australia’s most popular performers, recently switched to Sennheiser’s Digital 6000 system for his ‘Conscious Tour’, showcasing music from his 10th studio album, ‘Conscious’, including his new single ‘Bloodstone’. The tour is filled with soulful, heartfelt singing and brilliant live musicianship, supported by Sennheiser’s Digital 6000, which is designed for demanding live performances ensuring every show delivers without fail. The tour kicked off in Brisbane on 2nd November, before moving to Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Adelaide, and finishing in Perth on 11th November.

The ‘Conscious Tour’ is Guy’s first tour using the Sennheiser Digital 6000 system. Anatole Day, Guy’s Front of House Audio Engineer, has been working with him for almost 10 years and fully understands what he needs from his equipment to ensure the best performance possible. Anatole was excited about the switch to D6000 explaining, “Guy and I both love it. There is great audio quality on both the Neumann KK205 and Sennheiser MD9235 capsules and the RF is super reliable.”

To deliver the best performance possible, Guy has three dedicated mic channels; two for vocal (main and spare) and one for his guitar. For the main vocal Guy pairs the D6000 with a Neumann KK 205 Super Cardioid capsule to deliver a full, transparent and naturally warm sound. For his guitar, a SK6000 Digital wireless transmitter is used, ensuring the guitars tone is unchanged by the wireless link. Guy also chooses to use Sennheiser’s 2000 Series In Ear Monitors, Anatole explained that Guy, “loves the clean, crisp audio quality in his IEMs”


Guy is not the only one of his group to use Sennheiser. The entire band uses a varied range of wired and wireless Sennheiser mics along with the 2000 Series IEMs. The drums set-up includes an e901 and e602 for the kick drum, e904’s are used for the snare top, snare bottom and floor toms and MKH 8050’s for the hi-hats. All the guitars are miked up with a combination of e903 and e906, while backing vocals are through a combination of D6000 handheld wireless mics with MD 9235 capsules and e945 wired mics.

For this tour, Anatole and the engineering team also decided to also have some MK4 and e914 mics providing live ambience back in to the monitor mix, enhancing the sound quality even further. On his decision to move Guy across to the D6000 for this recent tour, Anatole explained “[he is] always open to trying new things and had a great result from the Sennheiser D9000 system last time around, so it seemed only natural to use the D6000 this time.”

“I love the Sennheiser range of products because they sound great and are extremely reliable” Anatole concludes. “Our relationship with the team at Sennheiser is great, they always really look after us.”



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